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The Results of the National Television Awards and My Predic
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Myanmar’s communal riot flashpoint returns to normal...

Meikhtila, a city in central Myanmar, was imposed a state of emergency on March 22 after a series of riots were sparked by a brawl between buyers and sellers over a bit of gold clip at a gold shop in Meikhtila on March 20. The riots spread to 15 other townships, including Yemethin, Tatkon, Gyopingauk, Minhla, Okpho, Nattalin, Zigon, Patigon, Moenyo, Pyay and Thegon, forcing the imposition of curfew there. As a result, 43 people were killed, 86 others were injured, more than 11,000 people were left homeless with 1,355 houses, shops and buildings being destroyed as well as 39 various vehicles being burnt. Thanks to the round-the-clock security measures taken by the security forces, army and local authorities, the cloud of fear over Meikhtila’s sky has dispersed with locals back to normal life again. Meikhtila’s central market reopened in the weekend with stores, shops, teashops and bazaars reoperating. Transportation services have also resumed for travelers. Cash and kind are being donated to the relief camps by well- wishers, private companies, political parties and local and international organizations. Of the 7,421 victims from 1,987 households accommodated at five relief camps – some of which were set up at monasteries, more than 3,000 have been repatriated to their homes though over 1,200 victims are still under care at the camps, according to official reports. A total of 68 culprits linked with the riots have been arrested, according to the Home Ministry. Despite the restoration of peace and stability, Meikhtila is still being placed under tight security measures to ensure non- recurrence of riot and unrest there. In his TV address to the nation on March 28, Myanmar President U Thein Sein warned of using force in last resort to suppress the current riots in the country and protect the lives of the people. A 10-member Central Management Committee for Emergency Period aiming to control and handle the current riots was formed on March 30, led by Home Minister Lieutenant-General Ko Ko. President U Thein Sein urged the country’s people including monks and nuns to assist the government in promoting peace and stability, the rule of law and democracy on Monday. He said if the country cannot solve the problems internally, they could become regional or international problems, and “this could seriously hurt the country’s reputation and cost many development opportunities.” (Global Times 1/4/13)


MOE: National exam results improve over last decade - 29Oct2012
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RIP. Thatcher


National News - NE Election Results 2013: CPI-M, NPF, Congress Win Big In Tripura, Nagaland, Meghalaya
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MEC Canadian Bouldering Nationals Results

April 8, 2013By Andre Cheuk

The MEC Bouldering National Took place... http://t.co/VYEFdyOWaT undefined


Ovarian cancer #vaccine gets results #vaxfax http://t.co/2IcZCG4t7r undefined


Last time Labour were showing this well in national polls these were the results in NCC County Elections in Ashfield? http://t.co/h3fZCrb9SB undefined


Candace Thille, Open Learning Initiative
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The National Lottery Thunderball draw results from Saturday 12th January 2013
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We Deliver leaflets 7 Days A Week throughout The UK.

We Deliver Results Thru The Door For local or national Companies.



Day 2 - 400m B Girls Heat 5 (National School 2013)
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USAC Midgets - June 13, 2012 - Gas City - Feature - Darren Hagen Wins
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The Grand National Results, with a 66/1 outsider winning the most prestigious race in the calendar:

1. Auroras... http://t.co/yod4NUZyjp undefined


to my fellow Kenyan, to u really imagine it took us more the four decades to build our country. and why to rebuilt her because of presidential result, tribalism and ant-religious cooperation? why destructing peace, love and unity? kwa pamoja tuangamize ukabila, siasa za chuki and vurugu, let us be one nation.


2013 YMCA Short Course National Championships Finals Day 2
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We wish to inform all our fans and the world at large that we are against gay rights,we will do anything to see into it that sanity is maintained in our christian country.



I found a special discount for The Tao Of Badass (no review)
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Look 4 my horses Mr Moonshine The Rainbow Hunter and Harry the viking on this! ;( http://t.co/2UPp0N1pQq undefined


Day 2 - 400m C Boys Heat 6 (National School 2013)
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OESC 17 National Final Results
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Mongolian National Lottery (4D 6D 6/42) Draw Result 21 July 2012 TV Show
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Only about a week (hopefully) until those National Youth Theatre results. I want to go to Reading but NYT would be so much better


Fell asleep back of 2, missed the football results, missed the Grand National, and woke up to a rake of fucked bets... #ExpectedNothingLess


Full Results and small report from the National Duathlon 2013 tks Irish Tritahlon... http://t.co/G3R36xqESw undefined


How To Use Steroids
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Grand national 2 ok results am happy ☺ xx


@dj_paddy grand national results? a horse won.


US vs HONDURAS — 2014 World Cup Qualifying in the Murder Capital | The Hex Ep. 1
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""The law is reason, free from passion."" Aristotle


Just looking at the Grand National results. ‘Unseated rider’ sounds much more dignified than the accurate ‘rider fell off’.


Sunday Results

L2 Small Youth Small Gym
Hurricane All-Stars
Spirit Factory
Five Star
Power Athletics
National... http://t.co/J8b8sgbepr undefined


Some thoughts on marriage and the law
There is nothing in our Constitution respecting marriage. When it was written it was assumed that marriage in the United States would follow the age-old tradition of one man, one woman constituting the basis of marriage. At that time, as in time immemorial, other sexual relationships existed and were understood to be extant, but in the cultures upon which our society and legal construct was established, marriage existed for one man and one woman. This idea, from the outset was indeed challenged in ways large and small. A notable example was the Mormon ethic which allowed polygamy, and there were, no doubt, other non-traditional practices among Native Americans and the host of immigrants who came to America and brought their “non-American traditions” with them. Homosexual relationships, adult-child relationships, bestiality and other forms of sexual practice have always been with us, but most have traditionally been proscribed by our social norms and, in many cases, the courts. Laws were passed, for example to end the Mormon practice of multiple marriages, with a reasonable success of terminating the practice, though there are sects that still practice these relationships in violation of the laws.
In recent times there has been a successful movement in our country to promote the acceptance of homosexual relationships and some degree of legalizing such to one degree or another. That effort now has sufficient momentum that has realized legalization of same sex marriages in a number of states, and it appears that there is considerable sympathy for legalizing these relationships on a national scale. I understand and appreciate arguments on both sides of the issue. But I remain convinced that legalizing so-called gay/lesbian “marriages” is fraught with the potential for unintended consequences. Again, we are dealing here with a challenge to conventional and cultural understandings of marriage in a historical, cultural context. History, western culture (and a lot of other cultures), religion, and practice have long denied same sex marriage as a good idea. Granted, times change, values evolve, and things today do not always conveniently fit the mores and values of yesterday. Same sex marriage has a lot more popular support that it did a generation ago. And it seems that such support will continue to grow and result in inevitable changes in our laws to grant such relationships full recognition under the laws of our land. Okay, fine. I know homosexuals who have had relationships that have lasted longer than a lot of my heterosexual friends. But I am a “slippery slope” sort of person who worries about unintended consequences.
Let us assume that “gay marriage” (I abhor the term…it has robbed our language of a wonderful adjective that can no longer be applied in its original context: happy, fun, exuberant…people don’t use this word anymore, unless perhaps they are “gay” in the current nuance) is adopted on a general basis in the US. I fear that such an achievement would give impetus to a host of other “non-traditional” relationship causes and demands for recognition of same. If marriage is no longer limited to one man, one woman, what about one woman and two men? Why should it now be illegal for a mother to marry her son, or father his daughter (or son)? What about those pesky age limits? Is it really necessary to continue to prosecute and jail religious nuts who marry harems of prepubescent little girls?
My argument here is simply that before taking bold steps to fundamentally alter our nation’s legal positions on issues that yield a feel good response to these actions, we might also seriously consider the potential consequences for which precedent has now been established, but for which the unintended consequences have not been well thought out or even considered. A lot of slippery slopes are never discovered until you are halfway down the slope.

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