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#Results: Sunday 7th April: National League South Division 2 Basingstoke Buffalo–Oxford City Stars - - - Bristol… http://t.co/FGLBOaIPrv undefined



Actually, further scrutiny has unearthed another occasion I rode against AP, and our head-to-head is 1:6. Evidence - http://t.co/FY1CjmjM7s undefined


so occupied with the national forgot about p2p results


Danish Sounds (National Selection for Denmark in TVC 29 Results)
national results


Margaret Thatcher represented primitive, brutal, class warfare against the rights and conditions of the working class. The lesson of Thatcherism is that rampant, unchecked capitalism, under whatever guise, is incapable of ultimately delivering the goods for the poor, either in Britain or on a world scale.


Irish Lotto Plus 1 Results Saturday 06/04/2013 - (4) (9) (16) (29) (34) (44) Bonus: (23) via @LottoIE More info at: http://t.co/pgdl9XnXin undefined

Malik clan

Unfortunately under compulsion by worst corrupted environment of nation established by so called our intellectual leader of majority group everywhere in nation from yr 1947 to till date, Now I am extremely sorry to mention that I am thinking to auction my own vote publicly ahead during every election of Loksabha, Vidhansabha, Municpility etc, so that money earned in auction can be spent by me upon poor student of locality (which I did in past & doing at present also) with my promise to show account of same to any public at any time. Please comment/suggest WHAT IS WRONG IN IT ?


National Lung Screening Trial results
national results


ROCK AND MAGIC SE, Hungary - youth couples - National Championship - Announcement of results
national results


Grand National results: Auroras Encore romps to victory in the 2013 Grand ... - The Independent: The Independe... http://t.co/q1RQy3r7pD undefined


I am always depressed whenever I see the comments of our people to our pressing issues. Comments like “God will do it, God will change Nigeria, and He will set us free like he did to the Israelites or God will give us good leaders in due time”. With this attitude it’s very difficult to preach practical solutions to the people that still believe in spiritual ways of doing things or miracles in replacement of what can only be achieved through knowledge and actions, even when they do everything contrary to the laws of God they think they believe. Poverty and poor resources management are the reason that makes us behave like this. Majority of us have lost the sense of ability and capability. We can only change this by applying our true knowledge and pray to God to bless whatever we lay our hands on.

We cannot deceive God. A man will reap what he sows. After all, the Bible says "Who shall ascend the hill of the Lord? And who shall stand in his holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not lift up his soul to what is false and does not swear deceitfully. He will receive blessing from the Lord and righteousness from the God of his salvation.” So we need to check our minds!

Many of us hide behind the spiritual belief because our society is not supportive to do anything, and we have allowed this indulgence to take root that we are incapable of doing anything to save our situation. This is very wrong; if we believe in God that much, we need to ask Him for the practical solutions to our problems. Because our practical problems need practical solutions! We cannot run the nation successfully, depending only on spiritual belief without using our talent and God given resources reasonably.

Our waiting on God may not go in vain if we pray for love, because love is God... We need to love each other because that alone can change many things. Love was mentioned 442 times in the Bible while Miracle was only mentioned 10 times. Therefore, if we want to change we need to have love. With love we can understand each other well, we can agree, we can unite and we can have one voice to vote for the right candidates.

The spiritual belief in Nigeria is not different to other countries; it is only we put so much valuable time and energy to it thinking we can get around our challenges without much efforts. And God is not teaching us to replace our obligations with spiritualism.

If we want to develop, we need a fresh thinking, a new plan and ways to execute the plans to the best of our ability. God will help us but the fact is that He will not help us more than the effort we put on our own development.


Allianz National Football League results: The Allianz National Football League results are as follows - http://t.co/G6uF57SsW2 undefined

Christopher Koper, Associate Professor, George Mason University
national results


Just caught up with Grand National, spent evening avoiding results. My (betshop) horse came second, unseated. Office sweep last but made it!


Day 2 - 400m C Boys Heat 1 (National School 2013)
national results


PR National Finals 2012 Adults RESULTS.mp4
national results


What a day for results 2nd & 3rd in the grand national and wins for Bulls & City! #HappySarah


Dole Institute of Politics Post Election Conference 2012 Part 3
national results


Euro - 11/10/11 Royal Winter Fair - CET National Overall Results
national results


O one more point the 4 commandment is the only commandment upon a covenant was made. while the old covenant was entirely physical in nature Israel was to obey certain laws and receive physical blessings as a result including the promise of being above all people as a nation the new testament is different it is a better covenant established upon better promises Hebrews 8;6 the new testament carries the promise of eternal inheritance hebrews 9;15 remember once a covenant is finalized sealed or signed nothing can be added to it( Gal.3:15.) Ancient Israel sealed its covnant with God in blood (ex24;6-8) and Exodus 31'16. I could o on and on with scripture that proves beyond any doughtwhen the true worship of God is to be observed. Christ worshiped the Father on the sabbath fri at sundown to sat at sundown. My purpose here was not to offende anyone but to try and show the truth about what the cathlic church has done I pray for each and eveyone of Gods sons and daughters that the scales will fall from there eyes


Euromillions draw of 5 April 2013
national results


Results of my National Print Competition Submission. https://t.co/c771BJ6Sry undefined


I would like to know exactly why people hated thatcher so much. And just out of interest, does this have a bearing on how you will vote on next years referendum?!?? Answers please.


HPU National Poll Results: Lunch with the President? | North Carolina Colleges
national results


Grand National results: Auroras Encore romps to victory in the 2013 Grand ... - The Independent: The Independe... http://t.co/pCH8gu2FmL undefined


National Drug take back day Citizens Survey Results
national results


Lottery Results Saturday 6th of April 2013: UK NATIONAL LOTTERY RESULTS Saturday 6th April 2013... http://t.co/5ku1pLA3Rl undefined


National 2nd Amendment Day & Giveaway Results
national results


Lincoln National Group Reported Q4 Results, Consolidated Deposits Rose 12% YoY
national results


The National Lottery Thunderball draw results from Friday 5th April 2013
national results


results/ fnt/FNT/ freestyle national tour/freestyle jetskiing/avos/2010
national results


Day 2 - 100m C Boys Heat 9 (National School 2013)
national results


National Exam Results Improve
national results


Grand National results!!!:


Thanks a lot Bin Laden.


The National Television Awards Results
national results

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