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#Dog #DogTraining Local Dog Trainer Preps for National Dog Competition http://t.co/s1w8egtIQL #InstantFollowBack DTTips undefined



I may use the £4 I won on the national today..any tips anyone..


Simon Armitage offers top tips for National Poetry Day
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@MrDanielKennedy Looking #creepysick mate! Thanks for your national tips btw #bants


Tips for Touring the National Museum of Natural History
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Dog Aggression. Dog Training Tips And Tricks.
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Bolivia - La Paz to Chile Border via Sajama National Park - South America,part 67 - Travel video HD
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Doomsday Preppers - Doomsday Prepper Tips: Lean-To
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gradireland National Student Challenge Final Day 2012
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Biosecurity dilemmas: dreaded germs, global health and scientific freedom
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National feature generates 60 Tinsley tips
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Spokes model and Personal Introduction Tips For National American Miss Pageants
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@karla_parsons @corylus no, but there was one of those earlier, on the national tips thread!


What do you think of President Obama returning 5% of his salary as a show of solidarity with federal employees who have had their salaries cut by 5 percent because of budget cuts? http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/04/us/politics/to-highlight-pain-of-budget-cuts-obama-to-return-of-part-of-pay.html?_r=0


Night one with no more swaddle for Sophia=disaster! Hopefully she will get used to her free arms soon ( she was always busting out of her swaddle anyway) I am one tired mama, lets hope she takes a good nap!


2015: IBB tips Tambuwal for
Former Head of State, Gen
Ibrahim Babangida, yesterday
subtly endorsed Speaker of
the House of Representatives,
Aminu Tambuwal, for the
2015 presidential race. He
lauded the Speaker for being
a beacon of hope and a
representative of a generation
that may yet ensure that the
labours of the nation’s heroes
past are not in vain.
Speaking in Lagos at the
investiture of Governor Rotimi
Amaechi and Mr Aigboje Aig-
Imoukhuode as Vanguard
Newspaper ‘Personality of the
Year 2013’, Gen Babangida
expressed confidence in the
leadership qualities of
Tambuwal and thanked him
“for giving us hope and
assurances. His conduct has
shown that the upcoming
generation has the capacity to
sustain the labour of our
heroes past. When leaders
like Tambuwal have delivered
on their electoral promise, we
advise them to try something
For Tambuwal, your guess is
as good as mine.” Gen
Babangida stressed the need
to create an environment that
would produce leaders such
as the Rivers State Governor,
Rotimi Amaechi, who he
commended for giving
education a face-lift in Rivers
State. The former head of
state also restated the need
for Nigerians to believe in the
oneness of the entity called
Nigeria, saying a union that
has lasted a century could no
longer be considered an
He advised that instead of
tormenting one another with
destructive mutual suspicion,
the nation’s political office
holders ought to face
squarely the job of delivering
on their electoral promises. In
his words: ‘We all must admit
that we do have a task of
making this marriage work. A
marriage that has survived
100 years can no longer be
said to be an accident. We
should desire to be Nigerians
whose minds and hearts flood
with abiding faith in our
nation’s virtue and
generosity.” The event had in
attendance notable Nigerians
from all sectors of the
economy. — at Lagos, Nigeria


Attention green thumbs! It’s National Lawn and Garden Month. What are your favorite gardening tips?


Another Idea that we are tossing around is
Trucker Nation News..
A online newspaper.. Put out Monthly...
Like a regular newspaper..
But it will have the family atmosphere..
Working on the first Edition..
1.Need businesses to advertise..
2.Will have for sale area.. Help wanted.. Etc.
3.Need Driver of the Month
4.Need Service.. Serving or served.. For the Month
5.Birthdays, Anniversaries for May
6. New Arrivals ... Happy Parent s & Grandparents.. Before And in April..
7. Obituaries.. For family
8. Obituaries for fallen drivers..
And they will be also be put on the In Memory Of Page..
9. Trucking News.. Need someone to keep that going..
10. Will have Trucker Nation Organizations updates
11. Per of the Month..

And if u would like to add more let us know..


we are very upset that Babgladesh can not participate in champions trophy. Our team could perform better than Nz and windies. Currently We are ranking 8TH but it is too late.



Tips for retirement in a bear market! Featuring national retirement expert, William "Bill" Smith!
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CEO National Conference Tips for Young College Entrepreneur Attendees Nick Chmura BetterBoo.com
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Share your tips on going green / what your chapter is doing to help save the environment!


So a "friend" is playing Die Rise for the first time, any tips for me?.... I mean him :)


Any 1 share 4 share
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The DIII National Championship tips off at 12:30pm inside @PhilipsArena! Who will take home the trophy? @UMHB or @AmherstCollege?


Wits & Wagers Game Tips for National Gaming Day
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@BetSubscription great service mate. Paid my subscription and have received NOTHING for it. So no tips for the national which was great...


Three Safe-Driving Tips for National Distracted Driving Awareness Month http://t.co/HfJxhOQA9P undefined


Today ladies and gentlemen the former Mp Kibera Raila Odinga went to Kondele and you will not believe what he said!!!!After saying that he would respect the ruling of the court he said today that the SUPREME COURT is BANDIA and said it was bought to trumple the will of Kenyans by upholding the victory of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto!!!He said 9holding the Bible) that hes JUST LIKE JESUS who left 2000yrs ago.Fellow Kenyans thats being blasphemous!!The Bible in the book of Job says that when a man lifts himself so that his arrogance touches the sky God makes him PERISH LIKE HIS OWN DUNG...,...we are watching you @odinga Raila.


National Geographic - Doomsday Preppers Let her rip (Survival)
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NAM tips for National American Miss
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Homemade Snow Globes | At Home With P. Allen Smith
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We are putting together a small magazine and are looking for ideas for the name! Lets hear what you guys think in the comments below and we will pick a winner for a free T-Shirt and Hat! GO!


Today AutoCAD tips

You can check distance between two points by command.

By Graphic Nation


Today is Friday. And there are baseball games today. And this will be the case for pretty much every Friday through October. This is good.


Pple who claim themselves tat they r poor lies, nobody is poor it only lack of knowledge on how to search 4 wealth. If all pple hv tips of putting themselves in a financial status our country could hv bn among te developed nation.

Malik clan

Anyone got some good tips for the grand nation ? I need help please never done it before ?


Golf Life 2012 - Learn about National Golf Day
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National Prevention Center - How to Avoid Foreclosure Inland Empire CA Riverside San Bernardino
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Tips For Establishing Good Credit With Texas Lenders
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Any 1 who can give me tips on the easiest way of loosing weight without going to the gym or taking pills?


NEW - Rocky S2V Survival Grenade - FULL REVIEW - A Cool Looking Survival Kit from Rocky Brands
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