new tau

Do not wait for the new happy smile, but the smile, then you will be happy.



Goodm0rning dearest kaMwags..God bless us..



Both of you lier!!!.
Pls....jusT commenT..!


GooDmoRning ALL ! GooDbyE Goiter :P

#FinaLLy , for 17 years na dala dala ko ang goiter ko , sa wakas nawala narin :)
successfull operation kahit nahirapan ang doctor ko na si Doc. Benedict Valdez he's such a great doctor ❤ at glad to say ni hindi nga naapektuhan boses qo khit sobrang complicated na that it came to the point na namatay ako for 45 sec.milagro nga daw sabi ni doc . XD Thanks to Jehovah God for giving me a second life , hehe thanks sa mga kafriends and relatives na ngpray for me , specially my bff Maricor Mesiona , my palangga Ylrig Arevir , and my friend Sarah Cabaluna Agbon , my loving daughter Winchy Pearl Edilo na hindi ako iniwan hanggang makalabas aqo sa hospital at maging hanggang sa bahay ,ngayon, inaalagaan parin ako . From the bottom of my heart , Thank You sa lahat ! acheChey ! :D


As reported on the national evening news April 8, 2013......
The carnitine in red meat is converted by bacteria in your digestive tract into a substance [trimethylamine-N-oxide] that causes buildup of cholesterol plaques on your blood vessel walls. Therefore, don't eat red meat, but perhaps more importantly don't take carnitine nutritional supplements.
This news story is an example of why our country's news media shouldn't report on health and medicine related research studies.

1 --- "Good bacteria" in your digestive tract fails to convert carnitine into trimethylamine-N-oxide] that causes buildup of cholesterol plaques on your blood vessel walls. One has to have significant quantity of "bad bacteria" that comes with consuming large amounts of red meat along side low amounts of vegetables and probiotic nutritional supplements.

2 --- In Nutrition Medicine L-carnitine supplements are used to lower cholesterol plaques on blood vessel walls in the body and lower beta amyloid plaques in the brain [ie. Alzheimer's]. Its too late to claim that carnitine is dangerous and shouldn't be taken.

3 --- The "news reports" about this study are taken word for word from a press release by the Cleveland Clinic where the study was done. That includes quotes from the researchers as if the news outlet [especially the print media] did the work themselves and interviewed somebody.

4 --- When the results of a study get widely reported in our national news media that goes anywhere near telling people to -not- take a nutritional supplement it often turns out to be wise to look into where the money came from to fund the study [ie. drug companies], and was the study published in a journal that requires disclosure of financial conflicts of interest by the researchers. In medical research there has been underway for 2 decades, a non-shooting war taking place behind the scenes that you may be unaware of.

"Acetyl-l-carnitine [500 mg, twice daily] exhibits to help prevent the formation of brain tangles that are the hallmark of Alzheimer's disease."

"Although tau proteins are a normal part of nerve cell construction, they can accumulate in a hyperactive fashion that results in cognitive decline and memory loss. Acetyl-l carnitine helps tau proteins behave normally by intervening at the gene and molecular level so preventing dementia/memory decline."
"Supplementation of acetyl-L-carnitine also suppressed the phosphorylation of beta-amyloid precursor proteins, which may underlie the reduction of beta amyloid.

P Zhou
Acetyl-L-carnitine attenuates homocysteine-induced Alzheimer-like histopathological and behavioral abnormalities
Rejuvenation Research.....Volume 14 #6.....December 2011....page 669 - 679


hirap ng life....


@Nsyaqees hmwork takde (your kh i tak tau) new timetable is sc, bm, agama, Kh, PKSA. Oral i dah buat


yes or no????????????


tamvanan gua @excluhan :New ava. Ah, tau kok selalu tampan.


tau diamah jahat put foto ga ngajak2 @putrymegaa: ciee gk ngajak 2 -___- "@lusy1202: New ava :*""


Alhamdulillah..finally,we r living now in our own house.thank u so much daddy.love u


@FxKrystal_WL ooh mending gitu krys. Dr pada ditinggal deact gamake ijin terus tau tau nongol lagi jadi new owner *eh


new found love!!
❤ ❤ ❤
-One piece!!

#tara lets watch tau!!


Scorpione seken puo seh mantep :D


Dear my beloved customers,
If you have ordered buttons and ONLY BUTTONS and have made payment, please furnish me your latest address and contact no.... and the amount you have paid... All buttons orders are ready to be posted, but I dont have all the addresses and contact no... please ahh jawab asap.. so that tonight i can post all!!


When I see other couples I feel like I also wana be like them....
Hang in pon...
Late nyte chat...
Huggies n kisses...
Introduce to family n bring to hum...
But when all this going to happend??.....



@NadyaClarisse (¬_¬") tau dah... New couple...


Did You Know?
7 cities around the world are currently sinking.

7.Bangkok, Thailand
6.New York City, New York
5.Houston, Texas
4.Shanghai, China
3.New Orleans, Louisiana
2. Venice, Italy
1. Mexico City, Mexico


@anip_new baru aku tau mimggu depan exam. peh cpat do mase belalu

@syuhadahmarzuki xde ape...icad just nk.bg tau i got a new job hahaa



1.Manchester United,Old Trafford Stadium (Max : 75.957 Seat) Average Attendaces In Each Home Match 75.526 (99,43%)

2.Arsenal,Emirates Stadium (Max : 60.361 Seat) Average Attendances In Each Home Match 60.077 (99,53%)

3.New Castle United,Sport Direct Arena Saint James Park (Max : 52.404 Seat) Average Attendances In Each Home Match 50.172 (95,74%)

4.Manchester City,Etihad City Of Manchester Stadium (Max : 47.726 Seat) Average Attendances In Each Home Match 46.999 (98,47%)

5.Liverpool,Anfield Road Stadium (Max : 45.522 Seat) Average Attendances In Each Home Match 44.714 (98,23%)

6.Chelsea,Stamford Bridge Stadium (Max : 41.837 Seat) Average Attendance In Each Home Match 41.414 (98,99%)

7.Sunderland,Stadium Of Lights (Max : 49.000 Seat) Average Attendances In Each Home Match 40.350 (82,34%)

8.Everton,Goodison Park (Max : 40.157 Seat) Average Attendances In Each Home Match 36.365 (90,56%)

9.Tottenham Hotspur,White Hart Lane (Max : 36.310 Seat) Average Attendances In Each Home Match 36.012 (99,18%)

10.West Ham United,Upton Park (Max : 35.016 Seat) Average Attendances In Each Home Match 34.700 (99,10%)

NB : Kalikan 15 Biar Tau Jumlah Total Penontonnya


@Meliisa097 melisa folback ya ..boleh tau linenya??


The brothers of Theta Tau would like to congratulate the new sisters of The Delta Pi Chapter of SAI here at APSU who were recently initiated last evening!


Kissing is really weird if you really
think about it. "Yeah I really like
you so im going to taste the inside
of your face for a little bit"



Last 10 days... its a new step for me!
I plan to change my clothes... for the new chapter of my life.
To look more of what i will be at that point.


Mmm, the new Tau...worth it? They are now so tempting!


What Generates Reputation Risk to my New Software Product? http://t.co/jzYIHoto3B (@ Tau Devi Lal Cricket Stadium) http://t.co/PthsmpBY9I


gak suka kalo da @ayutingting_new mending ka @rina_nose aja tau ka @lunamaya26 min @dahsyatmusik


Re: Initial Impressions of our new Tau Empire http://t.co/AoqOawu9yH #Warhammer40K


Attractive personality. sexy. Affectionate Shy and reserved. Secretive. Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. Loves peace and serenity. Sensitive to others. Great kisser. Easily angered. Trustworthy. Appreciative and returns kindness. Hardly shows emotions. Tends to bottle up feelings. Observant and assesses others. If you repost this in the next 5 mins, you will meet your new love in 8 days.


S/O to all my new followers!! Welcome to my boorrring TL. ;)


Ada Yang Tau Gak YAng Ngebuat Cewek Cantik Apa?? Yang NGebuat Cewe Cantik Itu Hruf "C" Kalo GX Ada Huruf "C" Simpen Aja di Museum

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