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Developing markets lead in long-term growth potential — American Funds
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American Funds American Balanced
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@Vanguard_Group What about using the funds for a down-payment on a home?


President Goodluck Jonathan has asked Gen Muhammadu Buhari to stop the Boko Haram attacks..(The Vanguard)...Do you believe Gen Buhari is behind Boko Haram or what?..CKN


✔ SWTOR Tips for Vanguard Harpoon (Powertech Grapple) Pull Ability in PVP / Huttball
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Vanguard News shared the following link and had this to say about it: Delta govt to NPC: Call Pension Fund administrators to order DELTA State Government, yesterday, said it had approached the National Pension Commission to call some Pension Fund administrators to order for unduly delaying payments to retirees already … http://www.vanguardngr.com/2013/03/delta-govt-to-npc-call-pension-fund-administrators-to-order/


Free Mutual Fund Investing System Works inside your IRA and 401k
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Vanguard News shared the following link and had this to say about it: The Federal Government yesterday said the Abuja and Lagos National stadia are to be concessioned to interested private organiations as government could no longer fund the maintenance of the stadia. http://www.vanguardngr.com/2013/04/fg-to-concession-lagos-abuja-stadia/


The Hidden Fees of Mutual Funds
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Special Guest Webinar on Mutual Funds with Morningstar
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Today,if a Governor or president construct,dualised or rehabilitate a road, primary schools,health center etc...... they call it a dividend of democracy which makes me wonder what we would call the military government that constructed the majority of the roads in Nigeria. When FG approve new universities,they call it dividend of democracy,but what about the majority of universities in Nigeria provided by the military? Military provided the electricity we use today,they provided the refineries,80% of the airports and much more things than the democratic government are providing. should we call it the dividend of militarilism? So what is the true meaning of the dividend of democracy? Its simple. Government of the people. A situation where the people's voice is the government decision. Freedom of speech,association and movement. Are we free to speak without arrest? Are we free to move without prevention? Are we free to associate peacefully? are we free to protest without teargassing? but militant that destroy our common wealth were enjoying the democracy dividend, Boko Haram boys that kills your brothers and sister are now champion of democracy,i love peace but must we take to arms before our voice can be hear? many have gone but maybe we can still do something to prevent more dead. Would Amnesty achieve this?

We have been promised dividends of democracy, only to end up witnessing unprecedented looting of the nation’s treasury. We were promised good roads, healthcare, electricity supply and good governance, but Nigerians are still ‘suffering and smiling’ as they travel through the most pot-holed roads spread across the country; as for healthcare, the least said about it the better as people are on daily basis being eliminated by common diseases (such as malaria) which other nations have since forgotten about its existence. Electricity supply is near zero and Nigerians have become depressingly hopeless as to when the problem is going to be addressed.

We are progressively sick and worn-out of a democracy that has demonstrated to be worse than the military. N20,000 graduate allowance was throw to bin but we are ready to buy peace with millions of dollars, If the political rulers linger in their ride of corruption, misrule, looting and failure to protect the citizen of its nation, the rising tendency to survive without the government will push the society further apart. In the end, it will serve neither the government nor the people.
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Politics - I don't know about you, but I chose a long long time ago not to view TV, read newspapers - However, Facebook keeps me in sort of a loop about our long (winded) federal election campaign. I am getting more confused over the better choice of party and rather than it be about the personalities of the "leaders" (neither having any integrity at the moment) - I would like to hear your views on the quality of the policies and Vision as you best see it . I am curious so that I can be better informed to make a better decision . What are your thoughts.. And are you happy to enlighten me so I can make sense of all the half truths, lies and PR? All views encouraged ....


We have just sent out the first wave of VIP invitations. We are working hard to bring all VIP folks in ASAP and by Mid-April as promised! We'll follow up with Priority invites and regular accounts.
Welcome, chosen ones, let us ready to welcome our brethren soon in turn! Remember the code - speak of Beta ONLY on the Beta Forums!


Fed. Min of Finance has, thru VANGUARD of 28/03/13 released d Fed allocation going to Kwara Local Govt Councils-Asa-125,372,290.Baruten-196,693,228.Edu-165,256,129.Ekiti-103,008,580.Ifelodun-151,052,150.Ilorin East-140,378,872.Ilorin South-135,470,051.Ilorin west-177,344,907. Irepodun-128,062,718.Kaiama-160,002,843.Moro-133,365,774.Offa-113,118,391.Okeero-100,530,499.Isin-104,829,807.Oyun-115,984,086.Pategi-133,187,648.Let Council chairmen justify the money with their performances.


Self Managed Super Funds - SMSF or DIY Super Funds
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What are you really investing for? - Vanguard
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Mutual Funds Made Simpler
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Lange-Bogle 1: Investment vs. Speculation
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I actually have shit load of money. Fuck off.not really sure I give a fuck

Bogle: Keep Investing - Morningstar Video
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Lange-Bogle 12: Beware of Fighting the Last War
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How to improve your after-tax returns - Vanguard
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Long-term, value-oriented investing — American Funds
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Why you should invest offshore
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Episode 8 - Working beyond the target date
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Investment Philosophy - Vanguard
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Adam Bold on load vs. no-load funds
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Episode 2 - How does a target-date investment work?
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Strategic Insight Global Research Update: "Global Mutual Fund Review April 2011"
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Apl.de.Ap performing "Mama Filipina" at The Vanguard in Hollywood
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Why does a "long-term philosophy" really matter? - Vanguard
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Why are active funds so much more popular than passive?
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A "Few Bad Apples" in Mutual Fund America
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Vanguard:Saga of heroes going free to play
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THE LATEST NEWS : Vanguards Bogle Makes the Case for the Index Fund
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Funding college savings plans for seven children -- American Funds
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Hey everyone, Obama is cutting his salary by 5% to show solidarity with furloughed workers. Hmmm... He lives in a mansion for free, pays no fuel costs, no insurance costs, no food costs...pretty much nothing and this WHOPPING 5% comes from a $400,000.00 a year salary. He truly is a man of the people. (If I were him I would have just kept this quiet- I don't think anyone feels better now)

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