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Hello all my Star Wars geeks, Walking Dead Fantatics, Sons of Anarchy clubs and Game of Throones aficionados! We... http://t.co/pXcvCkyb2s undefined



The Walking Dead - Episode 4 - Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 5 - SHAWSHANK (Xbox 360/PS3/PC)
walking dead game


Game the Walking Dead tamat..sedih jg endingnya..gw berbakat jd sutradara bett


4.) What is your favorite show/movie?


The Walking Dead Game - episode 5 Full Episode Alternative choices Alternate scenes Lee ALONE
walking dead game


No Walking Dead tonight...what am I going to do, need to find another series for now =(


The Walking Dead "Episode 3 - Long Road Home" Walkthrough / Gameplay Part 4 - Random Chuck
walking dead game


The Walking Dead Game FULL Episode 1 HD
walking dead game


"@JosephMorgan: Thank goodness Game of Thrones started as Walking Dead ended ;)"


so mnet premiered game of thrones s3 at zero dark 20 last night, that just doesnt make sense. like showing walking dead at 11am #ratings


pazartesileri sevmemin tek nedeni the walking dead spartacus game of thrones ve shameless ın çıkması asfafaff


The Walking Dead - Episode 1 - Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 2 - HERSHEL (Xbox 360/PS3/PC) [HD]
walking dead game


The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Walkthrough - Daryl Dixon FTW!
walking dead game


The Walking Dead: The Game For iOS Gameplay + Commentary Video - iOS Vlog 913
walking dead game


Game of thrones, the walking dead, shameless ve leyla Ile mecnun; pazartesiler nasil sıkıcı olabilir ki?


Shites upon the walls shites upon the walls remember 1981 when bobby ate fuck all hahahahahahaha

HMP Maze diet its a killer snigger



The Walking Dead Game FULL Episode 4 HD
walking dead game


One Of The Best Motivational Stories!!!
There was a young boy who used to come for regular practice but always played in the reserves and never madeit to the soccer eleven. While he was practicing, his father used to sit at the far end, waiting for him.
The matches had started and for four days, he didn't show up for practice or the quarter or semifinals. All of a sudden he showed up for the finals, went to the coach and said, "Coach, you have always kept me in the reserves and never let me play in the finals. But today, please let me play." The coach said, "Son, I'm sorry, I can'tlet you. There are better players than you and besides, it is the finals, the reputation of the school is at stake andI cannot take a chance."
The boy pleaded, "Coach, I promise I will not let you down. I beg of you, please let me play." The coach had never seen the boy plead like this before. He said, "OK, son, go, play. Butremember, I am going against my better judgment and the reputation of the school is at stake. Don't let me down."
The game started and the boy played like a house on fire. Every time he got the ball, he shot a goal. Needless to say, he was the best player and the star of the game. His team had a spectacular win. When the game finished, the coach went up to him andsaid, "Son, how could I have been so wrong in my life. I have never seen you play like this before. What happened? How did you play so well?"The boy replied, "Coach, my father is watching me today."
The coach turned around and looked at the place where the boy's father used to sit. There was no one there. He said, "Son, your father used to sit there when you came for practice, but I don't see anyone there today." The boy replied, "Coach, there is something I never told you. My father was blind. Just four days ago, he died. Today is the first day he is watching me from above."
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@lomadia do you know when the next season of the walking dead game is coming out!!!!? :D


Most of us miss out life's big prizes:
Nobel... :O
Oscar... :(
Grammys... :'(
gold medal...
1st rank..

But we are all eligible for life's small prizes:

A hug from best friend... :)

A short sleep on friend's shoulder...

A glorious sunset... :D

A chat wid one we have crush on... :p

A dance in rain... :)

An ice cream in winter... :*

A silent night on the terrace...:O

Finding money in old jeans...;)

A slow night walk on a empty road wid the person who care..:)

thinking of forwarding this msg to your frndz..;)

On each point you smiled,,,
coz its
"sooo true "
In d memory of our times
When d most popular games were "chuppa
"Ice Water"
when d best delights were "aam papad ",
"orange candy",
when we wer nt allowed 2 watch late nite
when decision were made by "akkad
bakkad bambey bow"
when while playing cricket, rule wer
"ghar me jana out, aur jo marega wahi
lekar aayega"
When d best defensive dialogues were "jo
kehta hai wahi hota hai" &
"same 2 u, no return"
childish bt awesome uncountable


Man niggas better be lucky i have a mother that cares weather if i go 2 jail and my lil princess.... Ps pics dont prove 2 nobody that ur a good parent but my daughter tellin my mom wutchu did 2 her proves a whole lot 2 tha world and my bm sayin all this bs she sayin but not one time did she say my fam took her in when her fam didnt all becuz she didnt have a job and wuznt goin 2 skool back in 07 or 08 and even tho she wuz homeless and smelled like bs i still stood by her side when nobody else gave a dam if she wuz dead or not and thats only becuz i thought she wuz diff but she aint at all and everybody that fucked her and went out wit her kno that but they want tell fb that unless they were n2 it wit each other and they kno who they are and im not talkin shit about nobody but my bm but i am statin all facts like tha fact that when i cheated on her i as a man told her myself becuz i really did love and care about her and her words were i forgive u but ill never 4get about it and i understand that but instead of her leavin me alone knowin she didnt want 2 be wit me she stook around but it wuznt 4 our baby at all ya kno and after that evwrytime u went somewhere our hungout wit my lady friends she assumed that i wanted 2 fuck them all and tes i kno as a man that i lost her trust but when u forgive someone u forgive but u dont have 2 forget and if u forgive them u want acuse them u would let them sho u that they didnt mean it but if u dont u let them go becuz trust is a big big fact in a relationship and after while i got feed up wit tha bs and we broke up, now i stuck around becuz she wuz pregant wit my babygirl and needed help and u better belevie i helped a whole fuckin lot ya digg and 4 some reason she keep sayin she wanted 2 be wit me but still she didnt trust me at all and like i told her i couldnt be wit someone who dont trust me but tha whole time she wyz fukin my niggas and shit and she didnt think i knu that but ay momma didnt raise no fool lol... And i never said nithin about becuz she wuznt my gf no more and becuz i didnt care but wut people didnt unstand that i didnt mean go fuck my bm becuz i dont care becuz a real homie wouldnt be on that shit ya kno so i started playin tha game 2 and when i started playin tha game then everybody started havin somethin 2 say and it made me laugh and mad becuz how can fuck my bm but if i did it or hungout wit they gf or a girl that they are just friends wit it wuz a whole problem and mfs wuz tellin my bm everything i wuz and wuznt doin and when i did it it wuz a whole problem. After while it got 2 tha point tha i put my hands on her and till this fuckin day i wish that it wuz a dream but its its real and yes it do make me feel small and only a man can admit that but i didnt just walk around wit tha thought of puttin my hands on her and she kno that but martha is tha type of person that will push tha shitboutta ur buttons but then call tha cops so i again after a while i got feed up and just gave upnon her all tha way around but then thats when it became hard 4 me 2 be wit my baby

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