walking dead game

The Walking Dead Adventure Game Episode 3 LIVE (Recorded)
walking dead game



The Walking Dead - Episode 4 - Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 3 - SCARECROW ZOMBIES (Xbox 360/PS3/PC)
walking dead game


@HoutenLewis mate im watching gameplay videos of the walking dead game, it looks pretty good you know im gonna get it


Clementine Shoots Lee (Saddest Moment) - [The Walking Dead Episode 5: No Time Left]
walking dead game


No walking dead. This sucks Oct come quick


Why The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Sucks!
walking dead game


The Walking Dead - PC GAMEPLAY - Ep.1 A New Day (Parte 1) en Español by Xoda
walking dead game


The Walking Dead Walkthrough - Part 1 - THIS IS AWESOME!! (Xbox 360/PS3/PC/Mac Gameplay) HD
walking dead game


Game of Thrones is a lot better than the Walking Dead


Se acabo The Walking Dead pero comenzo Game of Thrones, es mi "Cuando Dios cierra una puerta, abre una ventana


@hotcereal that may be true, but why would anyone want to play a non-@telltalegames Walking Dead game?


The Walking Dead "Episode 5: No Time Left" Extra - Alternate Choices : After the Credits Cutscene
walking dead game


walking dead game


The Walking Dead Game - Episode 1 Completo em Português (Novas Escolhas) - Live 8
walking dead game


The Walking Dead "Episode 3 - Long Road Home" Walkthrough / Gameplay Part 5 - The Greatest Moment
walking dead game


How 4 famous youtubers react to The Walking Dead: The Game (THE END)
walking dead game


“@JosephMorgan: Thank goodness Game of Thrones started as Walking Dead ended ;)” @MillerKing51


The Walking Dead Episode 1 Walkthrough / Gameplay Part 5 - Cover Blown
walking dead game


i LOVE animals so much
when i see the beautiful little weasel in the morning it KILLS ME to think of someone trapping her and taking her fur, for i want to trap the trappers and fold them into pretty little packages for hell (MINK SHOULD ONLY WEAR MINK)


The only reason people played and liked The walking Dead game is because the name had "the walking dead" in it.


Went to download The Walking Dead then got disappointed cos it ended last week, then realised there was a new episode of game of thrones


Who is awake, what time is it, and where are you? ~J


The Walking Dead - Episode 4 - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 (Xbox 360/PS3/PC/Mac Gameplay) HD
walking dead game


Rubie: *eating an ice cream sandwich*
William: *tries to take ice cream sandwich*
Rubie: no *whacks his head*


The Walking Dead - All Death Scenes and Zombie Kills Episode 1 HD
walking dead game


Margaret Thatcher has passed away today, may she rest in peace. Regardless of your personal thoughts on her-she was one hell of a woman..an innovator. Growing up as a girl with a female prime minister gave me the primary ideas of equality and possibility. She was already doing what other people were sure could not be done and for that and much more, her life was a worthy one.


Game of Thrones, Vikins, Walking Dead. Walking Dead? Walking Dead nerede lan? Sezon finali vermiş de haberimiz mi olmamış?


About to play "The Walking Dead" video game... I should be doing hw but fuck it


The Walking Dead Episode 5: NO TIME LEFT Walkthrough Ep.2: CLEANING HOUSE
walking dead game


got the last Walking Dead and new Game of Thrones to watch, making me not want to go to the gym!!


After I finish walking dead and the following, game of thrones is next too many people have gassed it


walking dead game


this a story of my life new chapter everyday this the intro ian done im just starting everygirl I went with gone be name nothing but the truth check it out..

I told her be a girlfriend in hold it down when I gone she failed mission I came home in now I made her hold it down alone since she wanna be grown I got diamonds n pearls cause I couldn't afford the world she said tra you can rap yeah I know aint trynna be a thug real 24/7 she was looking for dck I was looking for love ion wanna die lonely so I sleep with dead presidents now when I wanna fck I put 20s on my dick called raheem lee said im player so I played the game embarrassed myself a whole lifes pain went to da t counted all 32 girls I went with they labeled me a hoe my niggas labeled me a pro niggas was looking for beef I wasn't ready to go so I stayed down down started fucking with flip ian a blood r a crip ima king got 6 zeros for selling some dreams ran track n made it look good na everybody on my dick it was well understud did a few girls wrong u got my sorrow don't believe me? 3187191672 call me tomorrow in ill apologize in u aint gotta love me no more I got my pride ran up on some beef aint complain got a refund it was change on my brain got wise listen too the old kush n my nose ole lady said Im freaky I like toes what happen to the lil kid tra im grown up na everybody wanna judge tired of tensas parish they label all blacks a thug free my uncle d...he was like a dad in its sad ima put that in my note book n call it dad tahh that's funny fell in love with tamara shit went good then went wrong girls came to me I got on but it aint start their it started here now bitches in my ear bag up I know a girl who suck so much she walk a round on ha kness but I gave ha chance cuss she said she love me wow u blow my mind im talking bout Alisha Anderson fucked up we fell in love I did wrong nevA said im sorry ima bad guy so ppl say love god so I pray..lyionesha yeahh her ian know what to do I fell in love she number 3 ian know what to do I should make a book yes that's what ima do but don't judge me this the intro its just beginning ian finished


Bored as shit "They say Machine Gun Kelly is so sick, I say damn right so u better Lace Up Bitch. I did some badass things, every single time I'd wake up sick, and I hate that shit. Nothin was handed to me, I had to take that shit. N I feel trapped like I'm stuck in a straight jacket. I wish I could go to sleep n jus wake up rich. I never claimed to be innocent, a business man, criminal villan, outstandin citizen. Can't even sleep anymore without prescription medicine. I'm jus fuckin shocked that I got myself off of that heroin. Had a little bit of help, I swear I am thankful for everything. I love who I've become, and I put that on everything. I'm the truth, the proof, the fuckin evidence. I jus needa save some dead presidents. Havin Freddy Kruger nightmares, like you gotta wake up quick. You bitches ain't hearin me, turn the bass up quick. And I spit that fire, melt ya face off kid. Needa get enough money that I can take off wit. Team is invincible, and you can't stop this shit. Got every beat at gunpoint, n I'm holdin em hostage, I got a thin ass line, and if you ever cross it, I will leave ya dead ass leakin, like the kitchen faucet. And have a body straight floatin, like a ship in the water. So fly like a plane, you can suck on my cockpit. You can still go n jus talk shit, you can still go n gossip, I wake up every mornin and still I feel nautious, still Charlie Sheen winnin, we don't take no losses. Keep a small circle, you can never be too cautious. And when u open up ya eyes in the AM, smell that coffee, I'ma start a riot brah, get up in the mosh pit. We doin big things, so u can try and knock it, but when you run ya mouth, we pull a strap and we runnin ya pockets. We came up from that H-E- double hock sticks. Roger that captain, you people jus can't copy, I came up from havin nothin, now nothin can ever stop me. Brockton made me this tough, jus like it did Rocky. Shoutout to the city that always got me. The city that's so corrupted, hit the block wit crack rock and I jus errupted. I stay on that lean like I was walkin on crutches, all day crackin and splittin them dutches, y'all do what you're told like some fuckin puppets, I'm jus like fuck it, no strings attached cuz I ain't like all u muppets. My whole life I was told it was tough shit, plus I always went too hard cuz I never knew what enough is, you can't walk a mile in my shoes, you don't know about nothin. This ain't no bluffin, Some people have it easy, the rest are on drugs. If I hit a pussy one time, you gonna needa a new rug. Leave em covered in blood, I never dreamed my life could ever be this screwed up. Blowin money, blowin smoke, leavin y'all in the dust. When I spit game, I'm takin em to school like the yellow bus. I'ma make it big or die, that's a motha fuckin must, one thing I know u can't buy, is the God damn trust. I'm a business man, without the tux, cuz unless we goin to court, we never gettin dressed up, I overthink everything, cuz that's what stress does. My mind is so gone and my life is messed up. Guess what? If u slip you can get F'd up. If you ain't talkin bout money, shut the heck up, I stay X'ed up like a cross is. I got a team fulla bosses, you gotta schedule a meeting, to get into my office. Reachin in the drawer like where the fuck the hawk is? One slice to the chest, you can call that shit a heart attack. There's a bigger picture here, and I'm a part of that. Toast to the bottom, cuz that's where we started at, took my life back, like bitch I'm in charge of that. Swing that baseball bat, leavin em layed out flat cuz we ain't playin that. You can tell Satan that he won't ever hold me back. I'ma live life, til my last day comes. I ain't tryna get locked up, ask Akon, every time the radio comes on, it's like they keep playin the same songs. Gotta do right now, did a lotta wrongs, now I'm only livin through the words in my songs. I stand strong, and now a I finally feel like I belong. I'm so far gone... One.." ;)

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