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Walking Dead video game >>>>



Vismaz ir ar ko aizvietot vientuļos pirmdienas vakarus :). Miss u The Walking Dead :(, hello Game of Thrones :)


The Walking Dead Game - Episode 5 After Credits Scene
walking dead game


Complete this sentence:

A popular phrase you might hear in an Autism household is _____________________


You walk into ur bedroom and found ur
lover and
ur best friend under a bed sheet both
NAKED, having mind blowing Sex you had a GUN in your hand what would you

A. Shoot them
B. Walk away doing nothing



The Walking Dead Episode 1 Full Playthrough
walking dead game


Loca por ver el segundo capítulo de Game of thrones y el ultimo de the walking dead! ☑


The Walking Dead - Playing Dead Episode 8
walking dead game


#WalkingDead-Spiele sind wie Zombies: Erst wenn du tot bist, lassen sie dich in Ruhe. #TWDSocialGame bei #InsertMoin: http://t.co/9qEToebVK3 undefined


----------------Love&Basketball : Chapter5---------------------

*Skipping to a couple days laterr.. Itss know Tuesday. You been hanging wit Prince everyday since he's been back. You have been staying at his house cause his mom's gone to visit her sister and wont be home for like a month. Yall are in the living room of his moms house sitting on the couch together.*

Prince: Y/n, lets go somewhere.
Y/n: Where?
Prince: Secret. But i'll promise it'll be great.

*Yall get in the car and he begins driving. You fall asleep. You wake up to Prince calling your name.*

Prince: Y/n, wake up. Were here.

*He has his hands covering your eyes. You get out the car and start walking. He movess his handss...*

Y/n: Omg. The beach! Yupp. Beautiful isnt it. Likee you.

*He grabs your hand and yall begin walking until you see a table and roses on the table in the shape of a heart.*

Y/n: Omg....
Prince: Sit please?

*Yall sit and youre eating when*

Prince: *Gets on one knee* Will you.... go out with me? (;
Y/n: Omg. Princee I...
Prince: You dont have a bf, i sorta messed that up at the park.But you dont have to be alone. I want you to be my girl. I wanna be here for you, for us..
Y/n:...................... Omg, Yesss!

*Yalk kiss and finish eating then go walk around a bit. Then yall finally go home. Instead of yall sleeping on different sides of the bed, yall slept body on body like when he first came back. Right now your life was perfect. Until 6 more dayss.. at 7 o'clock until past midnight.... the day of your life. March Madness. Scouts from all colleges are going to be there. Game of the season. And things were coming. Things coming you wish never would happen, but life's not a game that you can control...*

*You wake up the next morning to the sound of your phone ringing off the hook. It rang so much Prince woke up.. it was your mom. You put it on speaker phone*

-Phone Call-

M: Y/N!! Y/N!!

*You dropped the phone and froze. You stopped breathing. Your eyes didnt blink or anything. You began shaking and broke down crying*


*You still didnt move so he picked you up and carried you in the car. When yall got there grandma was in an ambulance and a police was questioning your mom. You ran to the ambulance , Prince followed behind.*

Y/n: GRANDMAA!!! NOOOO! WHY NOWW LORDD!! NOOO, WHY YOU HAD TO TAKEE MY GRANDMAAA!! SHEE SORRY, SHE NEVER DIDD ANY WRONGG!... *Tears began falling from your eyes like a waterfall*

Ambulance Lady: Im sorry mam, but I will need you to back away from the ambulance.
Y/n: Noooo!

*You triedd to jump in the ambulancee but they closed the door. Prince grabbed you by the waist and also started crying. Your mom came over tear stains on her cheeks and began crying even more. You seen Brianna lookinng like she just woke up look at the window. She immediatly froze up to. She rean out with yall. You, Prince, Your mom, And Brianna all stood there hugging and crying. Now you were surronded by your new family. Yall all stood there, crying, huggin all together in silence as the ambulance drove off down the road. Only thing going through your mind was "Grandma's leaving me too...... "*



Game of thrones is best wel lagge maar vind walking dead leuker


Dave Fennoy Talks The Walking Dead at the Spike Video Game Awards
walking dead game


the walking dead pc game ending had me crying #TheWalkingDead


your favorite TV series? — The Walking Dead
The Game of Thrones
Bates Motel
American Horror Story
The Big Ba... http://t.co/xQwbFUI8xf undefined


Alela Diane - Take Us Back (The Walking Dead: The Game Episode 5 - No Time Left Credit Song)
walking dead game


I wanna play that walking dead game. It looks cool


Pazartesi günleri walking dead ve californication olmasa da artık game of thrones var :)


What game would you say has the most frustrating, annoying stupid MF AI partner!? (Adam)


http://t.co/URMuZeD7KY Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead mixed. undefined


The Walking Dead Survival Instinct #2 - Fuga Desesperada!
walking dead game


i played a walking dead video game and I was so agitated by how much sneaking i had to do. i quit.


The Walking Dead Video Game Gameplay
walking dead game


The Walking Dead - Spoiled!
walking dead game


Have you ever walked out of a movie because it was SOOO Bad? What movie was it?


The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones has a lot of hype. Should I watch other shows other than Adventure Time and cartoons then? HAHAHAHA.


Hundar Hungers - Walking Dead Ep. 2 Axe Surgery Spectacular! Snack Time!
walking dead game


Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube de @guibsgameplays http://t.co/qPX42dCEi7 The Walking Dead: The Game - ENTRAMOS NA FARMÁCIA! undefined


The Walking Dead - All Death Scenes and Zombie Kills Episode 5 HD
walking dead game


The Walking Dead - Episode 4 - Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 11 - TOUGHEST CHOICE (Xbox 360/PS3/PC)
walking dead game


@noee97ny @walking_dead_es Breaking Bad, The Wire, Mad Men, Game of Thrones ... hay otras grandes series ahí fuera :)


Adding Game: COMMENT your favorite Insane Clown Posse song. Whoever LIKES your comment ADD THEM!


The Walking Dead - Drinking Games For Humans
walking dead game


THE WALKING DEAD Episode 3 Full Play through "long road ahead"
walking dead game


So... what did you make of that?


I added a video to a @YouTube playlist http://t.co/R08L8dikQi THE WALKING DEAD EPISODE 1 A "NEW DAY"- VIDEO GAME undefined


Dear God, Hear My Words

You think that it is easy, flashy cars, and finer things
With gold chains hanging, and shiny diamond rings
And deep down inside I’m beggin’ for an exit out the game
But I made my own choices so there is no one I can blame
It is hard on the streets for a young black man
On the block chasin’ paper I get it any way I can
You wanna know what it’s like, walk a day in my shoes
Sell my soul for dead presidents
‘cause I got everything to lose
There is a weight that I must carry, will my family eat tonight
Or just let them go on hungry and not put up a fight
I beg you God, hear these words from my mouth
And save me from this game, God I want to get out

-Paradise, San Francisco


The Walking Dead iOS Gameplay Trailer and First Look iPhone/iPod/iPad
walking dead game


The Walking Dead - Episode 2 - Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 8 - WHAT LIES BENEATH (Xbox 360/PS3/PC)
walking dead game


@MesutKaradayii ooo o ayri bir dizi :) şuan izlediklerim game of thornes,walking dead,spartacus,viking,revolution ve arrow :) :)


pq vou ter que esperar a 3°- temporada de: Spartacus, Game Of Thrones. e a 4°- de The Walking Dead e The Vampire Diares.


The Walking Dead - Episode 5 - Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 4 - ONE IN THE CHAMBER (Xbox 360/PS3/PC)
walking dead game

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