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QR National (QRN) Limited Half Year Results Summary
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Hope everyone had a great weekend! If you were super proactive and took part in any kind of sport or fitness then we want to hear from you!


Amnesty has suddenly become a 'potent' medication capable of curing all manner of infirmity. The amnesty granted to Niger-Delta 'militants' has it achieved the desired result? If the Nigerian military could intervene in the past; what stops them from intervening now? I am not advocating for military rule but the military must be more involved in the campaign against this wave of violence pervading our nation. Can't the government declare state of emergency in Borno, Kano, Yobe and Bauchi? Those 4 states can be used as an experiment. I wonder if there had been any past civilian government this inefficient and docile.


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We need strong laws on morality. We cant live in an overly permissive society. Now, "Permissive" is a disposition where society is not strict on discipline, a society where people do whatever they want.

In essence, permissiveness is a vice with the ability to wreck our moral fabric.

All forms of immorality, injustice, cruelty, dishonesty, plunder and all manner of evil are a result of a largely permissive society.

Therefore we need strong laws on morality to guarantee the future of our Great Nation and our children. It is these "small" steps that will take our Great Nation foward in many dimensions.

We all know that earthquakes and huricanes get all the publicity but termites do much more damage than both of them put together.
It takes so many of them and many bites but in the end radical changes come from taking many small steps.

I must say, we need these small bites to bring about radical changes.


GILLARD A SETBACK? – Gregory Black has asked: Given the debacle that Julia Gillard's time in office has represented, the fact that she is obviously out of her depth, and the poor political judgement piled on mistake piled on nastiness, does the panel agree that Julia Gillard has set back to cause of successful women in politics?

What do you think?

You can stream Q&A live here: http://bit.ly/qanda_LiveFeed


@SkyBet Nothing on National but got all prem results correct so £250 up #ItWasDue


Guys. Margaret Thatcher was a human being who has family and friends. Lets not discuss what she may have done or not done and instead think of them, as we would when anyone else dies.


Day 2 - 400m C Boys Heat 8 (National School 2013)
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Congrats to the Speech & Debate Team for their National Qualifying Tournament results. We are all very proud!... http://t.co/ansKRtIuPq undefined


Come on North Korea, this whole threatening thing is cute & all.....but I wanna see someone make a glass top coffee table out of you already :)


2010 Pembroke Yr12 IB Results National Nine News
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Thatcher has gone.


MEND, says it is responsible for the ambush and gruesome killing of 12 police men in Bayelsa and the Police authorities say it's a lie MEND was not responsible.

Earlier, MEND had issued notice of resumed hostilities and we were told that it was not MEND issuing the notice so we should disregard their notice.



Mr President says; ‘Northern leaders are responsible for the continued Boko Haram violence’. The president’s accusation is nothing new, because Nigeria had since become a suspicious nation. The citizens suspect the government, Christians suspect Muslims, Southerners suspect Northerners, and vice versa.

Again, I do not remember anybody blaming any section of the Nigerian society when the Niger-Delta militants evolved, and laid siege on the country a few years back. Everyone accepted militancy as a Nigerian problem, and not a southern problem. The late President Umaru Yar’adua, who was Commander-in-chief then, did not blame southern leaders of complicity, nor did he stereotype the entire region as terrorists. Again, the late president did not use military force on innocent southerners, but rather adopted a more subtle approach to identify the enemy amongst them, brought them to the table, granted them amnesty, and brought militancy to an end.

GEJ on the other hand continues to blame the North, of which it is the main victim. He says he cannot dialogue with Boko Haram because they are ‘ghosts’ without identity, and yet he cannot point their graves. He blames General Buhari for not proffering solutions, and yet Buhari is not the Commander-in-Chief. He says he has granted amnesty to Boko haram, to whom you wonder (since he says they have no face).

If GEJ has intel about any sinister elements in any section of Nigeria, then it is about time he made it public, and stop making provocative statements. If Nigeria succeeds economically; the president deserves every single credit, and if it fails as a result of insurgency; then he should hold himself solely responsible…


Breaking News: Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has died at the age of 87 after suffering a stroke this morning.


NHSCA National Folkstyle Championships Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Division results http://t.co/ArIkPAhTOS undefined


Day 2 - 1500m A Girls Heat 1 (National School 2013)
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Results of The National Gas Boycott on NEWSTALK 1310KFKA
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Xpressbet Race Results: Penn National Race Course race 6 finished 8,9,1,4. Winner paid $28.60.


National Assessment of Education Science Results
national results


Grand National results: Auroras Encore romps to victory in the 2013 Grand National at Aintree ... http://t.co/7aQTSFZlhq (via @proxax) undefined


National Junior Road Race Series, Tour of Mendips: Full report and results from day one at Chew Stoke are now live! - http://t.co/aMgen8yqPt undefined


The National Lottery Thunderball draw results from Wednesday 9th January 2013
national results


Grand National results: Auroras Encore romps to victory in the 2013 Grand ... - The Independent: The Independe... http://t.co/us37FWSLMO undefined


Just checked the grand national results my horse come third


10,000 students protest in London over rising cost of education
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I feel utterly ashamed to be associated with Glasgow: to organise or attend an event called "George Square Thatcher Death Party": would be to wallow in a place lower than the grubbiest gutter.


National Lottery Thunderball Results 06/04/2013 - (6) (8) (17) (18) (27) Thunderball: (1) @lottery_uk http://t.co/6PxvFw8XkV undefined


Minchina Ota
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Checking in with my results from Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month)
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Magyar National Festival (Grand Final Results)
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Irish Lotto Results for Saturday 06/04/2013 - (1) (12) (16) (26) (27) (29) Bonus: (41) via @LottoIE More info at: http://t.co/mhTQEQ9XmQ undefined


National Beverage Corp. (FIZZ) FY2011 Results, Net Income Increased 24% to $40.8M
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25 Coolest NASA Discoveries That Changed Your Life
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Barack Obama Re-Elected President
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Grand National results: Auroras Encore romps to victory in the 2013 Grand National at Aintree. http://t.co/p2cROD3zXH undefined


National Lottery Results Sheet warning by Pattaya journalist - Pattaya One
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Xpressbet Race Results: Penn National Race Course race 1 finished 4,6,5,7. Winner paid $3.80.


Red Sox awaiting results on John Lackey; Stephen Drew set to return Wednesday - Boston Herald: National PostRe... http://t.co/fBYrg5pzcl undefined


What a brill afternoon of sport - Saints win, other results going for us and I won £3.75 on the Grand National!

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