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Oh Hindu !!!! Wake up... The answer we were all waiting for is finally here. Rahul Gandhi himself admitted that there are 200 million Allah Swines in India. Indian census says 14.6% or 150 million. Where did the remaining 50 million Allah Swines come from? UPA is cheating the Hindus by giving us wrong statistics. 2014 is the final battle for us. If we lose this battle, Mark my words by 2020 India will be 30% Muslim and we can never ever bring a Pro-Hindu Government after that. Shed your apprehensions, Make all your friends and family realize the grave danger we are in. Make them realize that in India,.....'''' Secularism means death to Hinduism''''.
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Re: The N2.4Bn anti-pipeline vandalism contract

I find it surprising that a lot of the people who have turned this matter into another issue of 'National debate' live in Lagos, in Estates and Neighbourhoods where their Residents' Associations PAY OPC TO GUARD, of course under the knowledge of the Nigerian Police Force [NPF] in such a way that the members of this group get registered and are well scrutinized before taking up these roles; and are disciplined by the group heads when they err.

I was Secretary of my former Estate and I was involved in many negotiations and meetings with the group that guarded that estate for 7 years and there wasn't a single Armed Robbery incident there for all that time save for some boys living with the Estate that did some pilfering and were eventually discovered by these same OPC guys. These OPC boys eventually became "my guys" and in fact were really disappointed when they learnt that I was living the Estate.

OPC is also employed in my current Estate; and no one has ever complained of them for the 10 months that I have lived here, just as they have foiled the only attempt thus far from some miscreants to penetrate the place.

All these hypocrisy that people love to display really baffles me - we all know the NPF or NSCDC is not capable of guiding these pipelines when they are not yet done guarding our streets; just as those that steal these oil from these pipelines also operate in a militia-styled and can only be handled by the either the Military or a similar militia group - that of course is taking note of the fact that such a measure as this by the FGN is also meant to serve as a deterrence to those who are engaged in this activity of pipelines vandalization; at least when they know it is now being guarded by like this, they are able to possibly reconsider their ways.

So if you can go to bed at night, snoring in the comfort that your environs are being protected by the OPC, what do you have against the same group guarding our Oil pipelines? What is N2.4Bn compared to the monies that is lost via these same channels on an annual basis due to the activities of these vandals and the fires they cause that usually raze down villages killing hundreds of people at the same time?

And please - once again - before the sermons commence, this is not America, we must develop our own home-made solutions to solve our own problems so as to be able to eventually compete with those over-developed climes that our fellow Nigerians love to oppress us with; what the world wants to know is that we have PEACE, they definitely care less how we achieve same - political expediency would always have to be adopted from time to time by this Nation to resolve the multiplicity of issues that we are daily faced with; so before you begin to call me a GEJ-lover, you should tell me what would have been your alternative solution to dealing with this particular issue.


Won sweet F.A. on the #National. Your tips were poor @TomRogers20


"SONG OF LIFE" "tips video by pete starks"
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Next writing assignment...7 Things that piss you off. Just the list please. I have to write a 500=700 word paper so lets not go into some world crisis or politics. Pet peeves a must. Thanks in advance.


Ali Zia giving tips to Taufeeq Umer and Azhar Ali at National Cricket Academy Lahore
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National Stock Exchange : Trading Strategies : Share Market Tips : SirfPaisa.com
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Tips on Capturing Motion -– National Geographic http://t.co/JfvCMIQPqx undefined


Any1 got any tips for grand nation ? Xx


10 tips for Trade Show Success - Business Innovation
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Join HC at the National HR Summit tomorrow http://t.co/saAq1s58VQ undefined

Paintball Tips: How to Join the NPPL (National Professional Paintball League)
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National Science Foundation DDIG tips
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@jduggantodayfm thanks for the tips in the National, managed to get 100-1 #result http://t.co/TNK2WpXFLX


National American Miss: Sponsor TIPS!!
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Rajiv Gandhi was middleman for deals http://t.co/X6E0XDQ6Bh It is Ranjiv Gandhi.. Not Rajiv gandhi the Bharat Ratna! (tips for #paidmedia ) undefined


Tips for editing National History Day Projects
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Human Trafficking - Morrow County Children at Risk will be presented at Cardington High School, Monday, April 15 at 7pm. State Representative Teresa Fedor - House District 45 will be the Keynote Speaker. Guest panel will include Sheriff Brenneman and the Central Ohio Rescue and Restore Coalition. This program is sponsored by Voices for Morrow County. This is a free program.


Simply Beautiful Photographs, Tips on Capturing Motion, Gallery – National Geographic: http://t.co/UkiUKWr6yJ via @AddThis undefined


Beyoncé -- " Bow Down " ** NEW 2013 **
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RIP Little Josh

Had to be put down after he sustained a serious shoulder injury!

Thoughts with connections!


Golf Putting Tips: How to Improve your Golf Putting Technique - National University Golf Academy
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Sleep, Eat & Drink in Marrakech - Marrakech - Marokko - Reistip - National Geographic Nederland/België - Great Riad http://t.co/gFlR8k6m1W undefined


Hey guys. A healthy nation lives on healthy habits. What are your proclaimed tips for the week. Help your friends learn by commenting. .......


Doomsday Preppers - Doomsday Prepper Tips: Glowstick Alarm
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@mania450 fair play on winning the national,trying to teach my kids to scale fences,but neighbours keep moaning . Any tips ?


Emperor Penguins Speed Launch Out of the Water
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Member Question: I have major issues with relaxation! I actually have to "remind" myself to relax my muscles while just watching TV or whatever I may be doing. Does anyone else have this issue? And what do you do for it?


Photo #Tips, Photos, Galleries, Videos, Photography - National Geographic - http://t.co/mDQcykz2HS via @tipperiffic undefined


National Nutrition Month - Tips for Eating Healthy
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Coming Soon: Mom on a Mission Challenge! Keep an eye on us for details on this nationwide, month long challenge. Our team will compete with others across the nation and get amped up just in time for summer with inspiration, extra workouts for the days you don't make it to class, nutrition tips and more. ANYONE can join the challenge, from anywhere - you do not have to be a Stroller Strides member or in Anchorage. More info coming the next couple days.


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