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COMING SOON: Mom on a Mission Challenge! Keep an eye on us for details on this nationwide, month long challenge. Our team will compete with others across the nation and get amped up just in time for summer with inspiration, extra workouts for the days you don't make it to class, nutrition tips and more. ANYONE can join the challenge, from anywhere - you do not have to be a Stroller Strides member. More info coming the next couple days. Spread the word! The bigger the team the better the chance of winning!



The statistics figure for extremely poor population is a WAKE UP CALL. Neither Democracy nor Communism or any constitution has provided any concrete solution for the Global poverty till date……….

The Quarn says in chapter [Ana`am 6:151] “Do not kill your children because of poverty; we shall provide sustenance for all - you and them”(SadakAllahul Azim)……….

Quran is supporting the poor society and advising them to rely on Allah………….

Why there is poverty in our society? Allah has provided number of resources more than the number of people………….

Unfair distribution of resources by politicians, worldly leader, and wealthiest people has retained the poverty line for lower class state for ever and ever. Some few richer savings represent maximum amount of the whole country, you can count their names on your finger tips. Liquidity has been consolidated in few hands of the state wealthiest personalities. Shares of few companies decide the faith of the market today, This is global situation around the world. Apart from all above, the richer also exercise all unlawful ways to skip taxation in helped by CA’s and Bankers. Economy desires to flow in the market for sake of its good health……………

Financial system of the world is depending upon the Usury (compound interest) which is one of the major yoke of slavery used by the banking system. It is the scourge for the world economy. The reality is that, there is no interest which is Simple enough as it has been understood by a common man, all charges are applied exponentially to the principle amount. This exponential calculation is similar to the Bacterial growth calculation; Interest is like wise as bacteria sucking blood of a person in need since many years……….

World Bank provides the debt for so called third world countries at maximum interest rate and along with it they imposed lot of spiteful condition, which can never be acknowledged by any esteemed nation. (What esteem does a poor has left with him? Due to poverty he sales of his respect, his children, his organs, a women hires her womb, she sales off her everything.) The result is that those countries will never come out from their debts. Every new born of that nation take his first breath with a burden of thousands of dollars debt on his head, this is an economical slavery, which is implemented every where………….

Islam is not against the wealth of the wealthy people, But Islam oppose the poverty of poor. Islam has advised such ways to bring out the poor from their poverty……….
Islam has forbidden usury and made obligatory (zakat) charity 2.5% from the savings of a Muslim wealthy person every year. ………….

The Quran says in surah [Baqarah 2:275] “Those who devour usury will not stand up on the Day of Judgement, except like the one whom an evil jinn has deranged by his touch; that is because they said, "Trade is also like usury!"; whereas Allah has made trading lawful and forbidden usury;”………..

The result of a charity is that, resources will flow from wealthy man savings to the needy person, ultimately the whole nation will be brought to the one stable state of Equality and there will not be remain any distinguish Rich or Poor…………..


Partial de-control of sugar -- another anti-people decision has been taken by UPA Government today. Earlier, fertilizer prices had gone up after its de-control. In a series, Government had increased prices of diesel, petrol and LPG cylinders and also imposed restrictions on the use of subsidized cylinders.

Today’s decision is another burden on the commoners and their kitchen.

Sweet is an essential part of all important festivals – be it ‘Simui’ for Eid, ‘Kheer’ or ‘Payas’ for other festivals.

With sugar becoming more and more expensive, the common people will soon forget the taste of sweetness. If sweetness goes, then what remains in life…

Yeh decision aam aadmi ki khilaf mein…


Doomsday Preppers - Doomsday Prepper Tips: Copper Coil
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When Najib stepped into the Prime Minister’s office in April 2009, the assumption was that he would do the same as his predecessors who had taken over in mid-term, that is, call for a snap election.

Instead, he has confounded everyone. He has used his borrowed mandate to, first, tackle the economy and to put Umno in order. It was only this year that he began to focus on the political side and that could explain why his opponents are now feeling the heat.

The opposition bench has never been this big or ferocious and they have thrown just about everything and anything at him, from Scorpene submarines to a murdered Mongolian woman.

He has not had an easy time but he has stayed focused about what he has to do and has gone about it in a methodical manner. He has been through eight general elections. He knows what it’s all about, that you cannot look at only two or three factors.

There is a momentum now but he wants to win handsomely and he has to look at the whole picture. Najib means to go into PRU 13 general election with a sound report card to show people why his coalition deserves to be in Putrajaya. By the time he faces the voters, he will be able to show them what he has done. UMNO are not like PAS in Kelantan, 20 years in power and still blaming UMNO for everything. The blame game was a lagu rancak or upbeat song in the beginning but that “after 20 years, it’s not a hit song anymore, people are tired of listening to it."

Malaysian politics has resembled a rollercoaster in the last few years. One side may be up today but down the next month and Pakatan is once again struggling to scramble back after the controversy over the Bukit Kepong and the Jalur Gemilang issues.

PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu’s remarks defending the communist attackers of Bukit Kepong has cost Pakatan votes, especially among the security forces while DAP politician M. Manoharan does not seem to understand that the national flag is a symbol of the nation; it is not associated with any political party. these and the fallout over the hudud issue mean that Pakatan may be less keen about having to go to the polls.

Credit: Musbri Mohamed



2015: IBB tips Tambuwal for Presidency - Daily Sun http://t.co/ZXyHpmfMC1 undefined


Soccer or science: National Chemistry Week tips the scale
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“Can you ask God to have a word with those crazy Koreans please dude?” Gordon Freeman

Sorry Gordon. They are atheists. They won’t listen.


Apparently, the White House plans to make April Fools’ Day last all month … Reports of April Fools’ Day pranks are still coming in. Some were funny, like Scope announcing a bacon-flavored mouthwash. That could be a billion-dollar idea! But the funniest of all was when President Obama declared April to be “National Financial Capability Month,” and said his Administration will help teach young people “how to budget responsibly.” Oh, wait…that wasn’t a joke? Well, to be on the safe side, maybe I’d better tell kids how to budget responsibly. First, write a budget down on paper, and stick to it. Don’t live beyond your means. Don’t rack up debt. Put something aside for a rainy day. And don’t borrow against the future just because you want something right now. I hope you kids got all that written down. And if you did, please: send it to the White House.

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