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Gak lebay tau :p :p "@shellarahmania: Haha lebay :p @Yenni_yenongg: Hehehe jadi ngerasa gimana gitu :D "@shellarahmania: New bio ada


Yayuyayuuuu "@new_malikib: Yayaya "@RyanJisman: Kau tau sy kan B-) "@new_malikib: Walau badai mnghadang "@DindaTirska: Ciyeeee "@RyanJisman:


Mlm new year: watching "maru the cat" on youtube utk kali yg ke berapa pn tak tau. Takde kaitan dgn new year pn pdhal.


how the hell do you said west in hmong.......? not hnub poob... theres another words for it....


Today stats: one new unfollower via http://t.co/wBTDooce8w


Untuk tau lebih lengkapnya pemain Indonesia di #NewZealandGP, silahkan cek http://t.co/qu7jZaTKQS


hai thank GOD ok n feet qoh.. sobrang kirot...


Vita gt loh:p"@RatnaZulfikar: Kok tau mbak? Hha ssst diem :p"vitaikan2: Bar jln2 lgsg foto2 gnti ava.kelakuan=D"@RatnaZulfikar: New ava"


......isssssh.shit talaga oh.padamay talaga un mga katangahan ng ivah pati tau damay.......plzzzz! Help me 2 find a new job.


I vote for PAKATAN RAKYAT for this PRU . What about u ? Hihi ^^,


@DOBOCHOR gk ada hantu secantik gue wkwk. Mana gue tau akunnya new owner. Bola?


Today i asked a friend of mine, a pml-n supporter to sign a petition asking ecp to give vote rite to overseas pakistanis. his response "sir main to akela hoon its better if I waste my vote so that pti cant gain"
Esko kiya kahain ge? Accepting defeat? :) or fear of contesting?


@New_Creezt mau tau apa mau tau bgt? hwkwk




new blog dalam bahasa afrika nuwe blog , dan skrg jadi tau sekitar 10kata bahasa afrika -__________-


Ada yg tau musik di iklan sony the new xperia Z?


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Chart Lagu Korea Terbaru bulan april minggu pertama versi Soompi.

Jangan Lupa Shared atau bagikan status ini, dan liat apakah idolamu masuk chart???

1 (+19) Man In Love - Infinite
2 (-1) One Spring Day - 2AM
3 (new) Just The Two Of Us - Davichi
4 (–) Expect - Girl’s Day
5 (-2) Miss Right - Teen Top
6 (-1) Oops! (feat. Jung Il Hoon of BTOB) - G.NA
7 (+12) You Can Stay (feat. Crush) - Supreme Team
8 (-2) Dream Girl - SHINee
9 (-2) Tell Me Tell Me - Rainbow
10 (-2) Gone Not Around Any Longer - Sistar19

Peringkat 10 kebawah :
11 (-9) It’s Over - Lee Hi
12 (–) (And One) - Taeyeon
13 (-4) 1440 - Huh Gak
14 (+19) It’s Not Like That - Younha
15 (-5) No Love (If It Ain’t Love) - Verbal Jint
16 (-3) Snow Flower- Gummy
17 (–) A Winter Story - The One
18 (-4) Tears - Leessang
19 (-4) Shower Of Tears - BaeChiGi
20 (-4) Bye Bye Love - 2BiC
21 (new) Acacia - Baek Ji Young
22 (new) Come As You Are - Phantom
23 (-2) Bad Girl - Ladies’ Code
24 (-6) Truism - Jung In
25 (new) Because Of You - Kim Yeon Woo
26 (-2) Just Go - Rania
27 (+2) Laugh And Leave - Gilme
28 (-5) Hello It’s Me - 4men
29 (+11) Must Have Been Young- Kim Jin Pyo
30 (-8) Eraser - Ali
31 (new) Thank You Thank You - Ra.D
32 (+2) The Art Of Seduction - Heo Young Saeng
33 (new) The Day We Broke Up - ZE:A Five
34 (+4) One Shot - B.A.P
35 (new) Parting With You Everyday - Ami
36 (new) Spring Expectation - Position
37 (new) You Are The Love - Seo In Young
38 (-13) Two Melodies - Zion. T
39 (–) Living Is Not Living - Jo Hyun Ah
40 (-14) Standing Still - U-KISS
41 (+3) Cutie Song - Hari
42 (+1) Face To Face - D-Unit
43 (new) I’m Alive - Bobby Kim
44 (-17) Ice Flower - Ailee
45 (-10) I Can’t Live Because Of You - Seo In Guk
46 (-16) I’m Sorry - CN Blue
47 (new) The One Who - Han Suk Gyu, Lee Je Hoon
48 (-7) I Got A Boy - Girls’ Generation
49 (-2) Ring Ma Bell - Two X
50 (-18) How Are You - Noel

cr : KDLoverss


Follow me guys;-D...
Im just new here!!!!..if u follow me i will follow you too^_^………pra close tau:-p...


@YoSeobbie_B2ST ha? lu tau w new owner?


6 days to have my new ink kaka Sabik finally to have GLO in the DARK ink .....


You guys remember we had a comic on that Ipad ke muu walii Anushka Sharma? Well that was only for fun actually! Personaly I always found her very cute. But then I was reading this news some months ago that she went through a painful plastic surgery procedure. Look at her pics now, she doesnt even look the same person anymore:S Kyun laaadis kyun?


Send us all your Hectic Hollers! Lesego, Chanelle and Laurian will be on your screens in 30 minutes! #YoloWeek


thinking of a new season ... a better one, why not?! ;)


Full-time: Manchester United 1-2 Manchester City - visit the Live Match Centre for all the details and post-match reaction here [auto-update] - http://bit.ly/Y8KnmI


Gk gt.. Tnya aj @adityapt , siapa yg nyamperin ngajk salaman.."@new_wayan: Waaahh ternyata kalian sahabat kecil yaaa u,u *nyesel baru tau


@Aron1701 just finished episode 220 of gadget hovel, the new tau are so cool I really need the new broadside. What HQ units do you have?


Chlorine programme... new knowledge to be learn for today... =)


Sok tau..... -_- "@UlHaqNaufal DOLPH ZIGGLER NEW WHC...


Kek salsha winxs(?)Itu saya tau;;)(?)"@salshaabilaa: New ava:D"


Learning Something new. . :D


New script bot chat jabber xmpp


-_- "@ewnjii: Aw haneks jelek xD "@_KAIEXOK94_: tamvanan gua @excluhan :New ava. Ah, tau kok selalu tampan.""


wkwkwkkw kagak adek yang new nih -_- "@leniaprll_: @nuruuullf mana gue tau-____-"


Bukan urusanku "@chycong: T bole bgtu hii, susah tau menuju ksna :p "@new_malikib: @chycong maaf, 2 pembalap indonesia itu tdk masuk dlm


Theres something wrong wif my FB.. x status chat, x notification.. Aaaaarrggghh!!!


ex-NBA player IKE DIOGU or CHRIS DANIELS eyed as possible replacements for DONELLE HARVEY



Duhh tau aje dehehe:D "@Zesenzeventig10: New #fact76 luthfiyah: suka banget sama yg namnya webcam-an. Suka nyanyi sendiri."


is time to hav fun with adobe flash pro ~.~


Who wants fansign from:
-Bea Binene
-Ryzza Mae Dizon
-Daniel Padilla
-Kathryn Bernardo
-Julie Ann San Jose
-Joyce Ching
choose 2 artist
Just comment your:

Admin Y
-new Admin


2nd day
new tau


@gabbyling2 wkwk iyolah, nek ra goro2 new 1fllwers wedok nggateli gaplek bangsat asu dan gak tau diri kui yo ra bakal di rmv wkkwkwkwk


MeNyENtaL dI SenTaL...= wHaTEveR caN n0t Be...


updatetan sobat biss
Nat geo,star
sports,espn FTA
cling mp2
3840 h 26850


lord sana di na kmi magwalking....im so tired and sleepy...
...gusto q magdot2 kc nkaupo lng.....hahaa..



Here are the blogs from the last couple days that came through late! enjoy

DAY 10 Sunday 7 April - Fish

Another day waking up without much wind with the number one question of the voyage popping up once more When will the Easterlies kick in? As the morning progressed, the wind, like yesterday, backed from a westerly to a southerly and then to an easterly. By now the crew were too use to the wind dying off that they were all hesitant to celebrate early as they had done before only to be disappointed. However this wind was the real deal and by mid afternoon the easterly had well and truly made its mark on us. Everyones energy levelled picked up a couple of notches and the deck was alive once more.

As the wind picked up we discovered a fellow companion swimming alongside the waka. A yellow fin tuna, this tuna stayed with us all afternoon riding the swell Okeanos created, and despite all attempts to hook the tuna he refused to bite. We even set up extra lines and threw lures at him, which he noticed and dove down to inspect, but they were not impressive at all to this tuna, he was much too clever than to take our bait.

With waho or barracuda still fresh we were far from disappointed that we hadnt caught that yellow fin in fact, he seemed more like a friend than someone to eat. Much like that magnificent mahimahi the other day.

Like usual the day had a bit of talking going on, and one topic that we talked about was religion, and we somehow got on to the conversation of reincarnation. We concluded that it would be cool to be reincarnated into a kauri or totara and one day end up getting chopped down and made into a waka hourua. Couldnt think of anything better really.

DAY 11 Monday 8 April Island by Night

With the wind pumping, still, from the East, the waka is pumping too, heading just West of North, aiming 10 miles East of Kadavu. With about 70miles to go before sighting Kadavu we are expecting to pass her during the night after midnight.

Last night the wind kicked up a bit so on watch change we also changed the genoa out to the AP, along with the genoa the halyard went too! Fortunately we had a spare halyard so it didnt take long before the AP went up.

Last night would be the first night for some of our new crew to experience the bumpy nights asleep on the canoe, but for some it was one of the best sleeps of the voyage. Most likely we were all experiencing the canoe dreaming affect, whereby dreams are 10 times more vivid and intense on the waka, some say it is due to the fact that the noise around us puts us into dream state longer than at home where it is usually more quiet.

Despite the constant breeze the heat from getting closer to the equator is felt by all of the crew. Some love it and others dont. For now though we are still lucky to have the wind cool us down. We all know that once we are in Fiti the wind wont be as strong and the sun will be beating down on us.

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