the maze game

Netduino + WP8 maze game part 2
the maze game



a copy of Monster High: Skultimate Roller Maze on 3DS and a Monster High Doll - competition - http://t.co/4D8hpILOjv http://t.co/46sVBht9xl undefined


@pewdiepie Play the Scary Maze Game.


Hail to the Victors valiant !!! Hail!! To the conquering heroes!!! Hail! Hail! To Michigan, the leaders and best!!! Go blue!!!


ESPN: Lowest scoring NCAA tournament since 1953! Good Defense or bad players? "clearly no one can shoot to begin with, throw these shooters in dome, and you get 1950's basketball." The Witchta State team even refused to pick up the ball after Louisville scored to slow the game down. If Syracuse would have won, you could of had a champiship game where whomever got to 35 first wins." Thank god for the Maze and Blue. Now 60 may win it.


Scary Maze Game (sims 2)
the maze game


@Wbj1born aee u ready foe the game #MICHIGAN #BIG BLUE #MAZE IN BLUE #WOLVERINS


Co-worker Pranked By Maze Game
the maze game


After a long search, I have NO official Cards gear in my house other than a hat & I am not trying to wear a hot hat on my head for an 11 hour shift, but I did manage to find a black & red Jim Beam tank top so it will have to do. Once the Cards win tonight I will have to get a real Cards shirt for the big game if I have to work. :)


Hitler plays the Scary Maze Game hahahahahahaha http://t.co/Yxv7r6284Q undefined


All sense of wonder and enjoyment gained from playing Bioshock: Infinite was completely torpedoed by its ultimate message. I have no desire to pour salt in the ice cream of those who enjoyed it, but wow do I feel like I just finished the video game equivalent of the Village.


Solucion Flash Maze Escape - Inkagames
the maze game


@MattPate12 he was the best in the game


Michigan or Louisville?


Screwball Scramble Maze Game, By Tomy Toys - Race Against The Clock!
the maze game


Dirty ashtrays.
Empty bottles of champagne.
Tryna find my way in the maze which is tha game.


I love the scary maze game


Tryna find my way thru this maze which is the game


Seven year old boy scared of scary maze game! XD - HILARIOUS!
the maze game


Scare my brother and sister with The Maze Game
the maze game


All The Roller Maze Game Characters *Monster High*
the maze game


Mum SCREAMS!!! Playing Scary Maze Game
the maze game


Moab Musings - April 2013- Gamma

We hiked through the Fiery Furnace at Arches National Park. The Fiery Furnace is one of the most incredible and spectacular places in the park. You must reserve a permit beforehand to hike in this area. As we had never hiked in the furnace before, we reserved a ranger-led, 3 mile, 3 hour hike. This was a good thing, as there are no signs or marked trails inside the furnace.

The Fiery Furnace is a maze-like labyrinth of narrow sandstone canyons and fins. Hikers must walk and climb on irregular and broken sandstone, along narrow ledges above drop-offs, and in loose sand. There are gaps which must be jumped and narrow places that you must squeeze into and pull yourself up and through. In some of these places, you must hold yourself off the ground by pushing against the sandstone walls with your hands and feet.

Ranger Karen led us on the hike. Not only was she cute, she also was fun and very knowledgable. Ranger Karen taught us about the Spikey-Leafed Yucca, the Canyonlands Biscuit Root, and the Utah Juniper plants. Did you know the Utah Juniper will kill off parts of itself to assist other parts of itself to survive?

I thought, by the title, that it was going to be hot inside the furnace. It was not, as a lot of the hike was in the shade of the cliffs and the labyrinths. The scenery is spectacular. We saw Walk-through, Crawl-through, Surprise, and (inside) Skull Arches. If you have not put this on your bucket list, I highly recommend that you do. This is a must-do experience.

We went to Buck’s Grill House for dinner. We asked to sit on the patio, so we could hear the ‘Gator,’ but it was not on. The ‘Gator’ is a nickname we gave to their outdoor water-feature, as the pump make noises like a gator. We shared a Wedge Salad. Brenda had a Roasted Game Hen served on southwestern macaroni and cheese, topped with a red onion chipotle jam. I had a ‘Southwestern Style’ Rib-eye steak. Both were scrumptious.

Today’s weather was sunny and 78̊.


Scary Maze Game PRANK
the maze game


Little girl plays scary maze game
the maze game


it was fake he was playing the scary maze game but someone put pewdiepies video over it
(@YouTube http://t.co/gr7QrNByNQ) undefined


"@nattycrewz: watching when we made amina do the maze game on facebook lmaooo @Savwahh22 im crying


This is for all the girls out there, I am not being "anti feminist" here most of the girls out there would agree with me.Problem with girls these days is not that they are facing a lot of bad guys and staying careful. But due to their particular choices and standards. They want a boy friend not for themselves but to show off, a good handsome stud is always in,no matter if he is a lying bastard who is just fooling around, but a simple guy who loves you genuinely & wishes for your happiness is chipku,stalker, not cool..! really..? come on! You should respect a guy when he tells you he likes you, rather than gossiping about him in your group. secondly, if a girl gets too many proposals she thinks herself to be a beauty queen or what- damn-ever. then every guy who approaches her is just another guy in her record books. Oh you know.. 22 guys proposed me..! realy? so? what do i have to do with it. If.. If god has given you some one who loves you, likes you.. then show some respect..feelin­gs are not fake. and after getting through series of wrong choices and fake relations, their final reply is oh! love is nothing, it sucks! again.. wake up..!!! while reaching this stage you might have rejected a guy, a guy who was not having iphone to show around, but a true heart. so this is all what you choose, open your eyes, appreciate the guys with good heart, feelings arewhat matters.. notthe "thing"! stop being so attracted towards fame... a humble request!.Every bitch has her day , its all due to the sex ratio in world , please kisi imaginary world mein mat rehna bahar koi puche ga bhi nahi ... "


Best scary maze game prank -she has a funny reaction caught on video!
the maze game


Farrrrrrrkkkkkk the person that made the Yakult-mentos vid on Facebook, fuck you, paranoid of the scary maze game girl again. Ughughugh die


I play the scary maze game
the maze game


Epic game of crystal maze with the sister #classic


"@BeMineNJHoran: ship me please ?????!???? http://t.co/szVysRpTBi" lol its the scary maze game lady. Id recognise her anywhere.


Frederik bliver skræmt #6 - ALI SPECIAL (Scary maze game)
the maze game


aMaze 3 - aMaze 3 (also known as aMaze cubed) is a fun little maze game where you play the role of... http://t.co/aUhoTK00F1 @funwindows undefined


Dennis Itumbi
The Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo has alerted the public over plans to disrupt president-elect Uhuru Kenyatta’s swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday.

Kimaiyo said on Sunday that the National Police Service is aware of elements who are recruiting youths with promises that they will be given money to cause chaos by disrupting the historic ceremony.

Kimaiyo has identified 18 areas in which the targetted youth operate and that are likely to be the hotbeds of the planned disruptions. They are:

Kamkunji grounds, Undugu Social grounds and Kibera in Langata District; Kawangware stage 54 and 56 in Dagoretti District; Kangemi in Westlands District; Mathare no. 10 and its environs in Starehe District; Kamkunji roundabout in Kamkunji District; City Stadium in Makadara District; Outering, Kangundo Road Junction and City Cabanas in Embakasi District; Stage 28 in Korogocho, Kariobangi, Baba Ndogo and Ngomongo in Kasarani District and finally Dandora phase 2 and 4 in Njiru District.

In a statement read by Acting Administration Police Spokesman Masood Munyi on Sunday, Kimaiyo said four individuals have been summoned to the Nairobi area Criminal Investigations office on suspicion of being behind the planned disruption.

“The following persons are summoned to report to the PCIO Nairobi area for further investigations: Edward Cromwell Onyango Ketta, Fredrick Odhiambo Ongondo, Jeckonia Junga Onyango and one Mazira who is the Deputy Director of the Kibera Community Based Organisation Haki Shape.”

Jeckonia Junga Onyango is accused of hosting a meeting in his house in the Mashimoni area of Kibera where together with 20 other Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) supporters they planned to barricade roads, destroy property and cause injury to attract the attention of the international community during Tuesday’s swearing-in ceremony.

“Demonstrators will be armed with all manner of crude weapons and while on the rampage, burn properties, loot businesses and attack their perceived enemies and opponents,“ the statement by Kimaiyo reads.

Munyi was however categorical that the police were not targetting members of a particular tribe saying the four are on a list of 45 suspected of being behind the planned violent demonstrations and whom the police are also looking into.

“These people are not from one community. Remember we said the meeting was held in one Jekonia’s place but we have mentioned a number of areas which are not frequented by members of one community only,” he said.

Munyi added that the police have asked Governor Evans Kidero and Senator Gideon Mbuvi among others to encourage the youth to remain peaceful during the swearing-in ceremony as illegal demonstrations will not be tolerated.

“I want to send a strong warning to all would-be perpetrators that their intended actions are outright criminal and will not be tolerated at all. The police will be firm to take action on any persons who will participate in these illegal demonstrations,” the statement for Kimaiyo reiterated.

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