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National Export Initiative Two-Year Anniversary Facebook Timeline
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Leonardo Da Vinci Paintings at the National Gallery
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In all this mad men, game of thrones, the national excitement I forgot the new album by the knife was out today :)


Fireworks on the National Mall from the White House
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Getting emails about us possibly making it to the national championships is pretty freaking sweet!


http://t.co/8SvFyz0wCn the national treasur of indonesian kings. You all must read this undefined


Sandra Cisneros: 2012 National Book Festival
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Georgi Dvali
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Greenville, SC under $3/gal! Lubbock, TX under $3/gal! Enjoy it if you live there!


Myth-busting the National Broadband Network - Engineering Week Lecture at Macquarie University
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Inside Syria - Syria: an opposition divided?
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@SenJohnMcCain follow the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) today @NATEsafety (http://t.co/PD2vRNyuzD) undefined


God bless and keep you Margaret Thatcher; the Ronald Reagan of Great Britain. I fear England will never see the likes of you again. She was elected by the people of Britain 3 consecutive times, she privatized most of the government run industries, she cut taxes and took Britain from what had become a socialist nation back to its capitalist roots. However the Brits have turned again toward the left and slowly undo the liberty Ms. Thatcher had put in place.

Do you ever wonder why voters vasolate so much from Administration to administration? People overwhelmingly elected Ronald Reagan, the hardest fighting, anti socialist, communist destroying, family values promoting president this country has ever seen. And Margaret Thatcher, British Prime MInister was by his side with the same back to basics, save our country agenda and the people were cheering truth, liberty and patriotism again.
Then, just like a light switch is turned on and off, the confused, uninformed electorate swings the other direction and starts electing the most socialist leaning administrations this country has ever known.
We go from Progressive Socialist Carter back to Conservative Capitalist Reagan then back to Social Liberal with Clinton then back to Conservative with the Bushes and finally the Hard Core Socialist with Obama.
The graph is spiking up and down and anyone would be hard pressed to try and figure out what the electorate of the U.S. or Britain are thinking; or if they are thinking at all.
Are people really that confused? Most of you are not confused, you know where you stand politically and vote toward that goal but so many others seem to have lost their way and have chosen a Nanny, big brother, take care of my every need government.

Teach your children well conservatives because we are losing to the socialist and their uninformed little followers who just want government stuff and a free ride.

As soon as this socialist administration pushes immigration reform through the congress and legalize tens of millions of formally illegal immigrants they will have conservatives so outnumbered at the polls that our minority votes will be ineffective to save American Values.



Good thing bout winning a national championship in Louisville is everybody will have their couches the next day.


2013 NCAA Wrestling National Championships D1 Dustin Kilgore (Kent St.) vs. Quentin Wright (PSU)
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@JackSmartie @kmmwilliams @AndrewTofts @The_National @BBC6Music Yeah think so, and tracks from new album


"@FoodShareTO: Debbie Field "For us all to be Food Secure the national govt needs to be involved" Listen: http://t.co/GnufrpY6P6 undefined


The National unveil "I Need My Girl" on Q
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America - We are not a nation mourning the death of one of our great leaders. If you want to know how we really feel then compare it to when you found out Bin Laden had been found and killed.


Putting my phone away tonight so I have no distractions for the national championship game #michigan


Spring Outlook: Just When Will the Warmth Return?
By Nick Troiano Article c/o Weather Works Inc.

After an unforgettable "Summer in March" for 2012, the beginning of this year's spring season could not be any more different. In Chicago Metro (ORD) itself, the average temperature this past month was just 32.6 degrees - which ran over 5 degrees below normal for the period. Similar conditions were experienced across Rockford - where an average reading of 29.5 degrees was chilly enough to rank as the tenth coldest March since 1905 and measure 7.7 degrees below normal. Will this cold trend continue into the rest of the spring season, or will warmer weather be in the offing?

The first week of April featured cooler than normal conditions across the entire region, with somewhat of a wintry feel still in the air. Fortunately for those yearning for warmer weather, an upcoming pattern change could deliver just that for the second part of the month. Atmospheric blocking courtesy of a negative Arctic / North Atlantic Oscillation (-AO/NAO) will break down over the course of the next week...giving way to more seasonable readings as the semi-persistent trough moves its way out of the region. Furthermore, a positive Eastern Pacific Oscillation Pattern (+EPO) will begin to dominate the sensible weather across the nation at that time.

This pattern will feature a dominant high pressure setting up just off the West Coast, with an anomalous low centered across the Gulf of Alaska. As a result, the flow around these features will result in an enhanced Pacific Jet Stream, which should pump milder oceanic air across the country as a whole (as opposed to colder Canadian air that we've been tapping into so far this spring). Additionally, this index is also associated with ridging across Eastern Canada and Hudson Bay (see attached image below). Both these factors favor warmer than normal temperatures for the Midwest by the middle of this month, which should last through the end of April and into May. Although this pattern may breakdown some towards the end of spring, near to even slightly above normal temperatures are forecast to persist across the Chicago Metro region all the way through the end of May. As such, in just a matter of weeks it appears that the colder weather of the past month will give way to more of a summer-like pattern through the rest of meteorological spring. Although the heat will not be quite as expansive as last year, it will surely be a noticeable change, especially after the cool weather this past March.


Karnataka elections: EC interacts with parties, reviews poll arrangements: The Central Election Commission... http://t.co/99XOS6FcR3 undefined


The nation is pretty up beat today! #no more poll tax WE ARE NOT POLAR BEARS


The moment I see National Brothers Week, I thought of Intentions.


Is Excellent Better Than Best? League Tables in Higher Education, British Academy
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National Public Health Week — Public Health is ROI: Save Lives, Save Money
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Working at the National Aquarium
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...who said this..?

“This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!”


Living with Lions HD | National Geographic Documentary
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National Grilled Cheese Week begins today! Our advice: The cheese is king, so keep it simple: http://t.co/On08UDtsSh #grilledcheese undefined


Happy Holidays 2012
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Titanic at the National Archives
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