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Diversification is a key ingredient in an asset allocation
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Money Moving Out of Actively Managed Mutual Funds
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Group 11 Mutual Funds Part 2
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Today's Newspaper Headline....***REDCROSS***


Posers As $8billion NIPP Fund Produces Paltry 786mw…Ondo, Edo ‘Refuse To Pay’;

57 Million Nigerians Are Hypertensive, Say Experts…Alert On Fake Blood Pressure Meters, ‘High-salt’ Noodles…NMA Offers One-week Free Checks;

Ekiti Deputy Governor Dies At 52;

Amnesty: Boko Haram Must Accept Dialogue — Jakande;

Insecurity: We Must Not Be Deterred, Says Jonathan …Tasks Varsities On Productivity;

Gunmen Storm Adamawa Dep. Gov’s Village, Kill 15… 11 Killed, Others Injured In Plateau Attacks …Communal Clash Claims 2 In Gombe;

Gunmen Kill Two Clerics, As JTF Arrests Boko Haram ‘Informant’;

Mandela discharged from hospital;


Gunmen kill 12 policemen in Bayelsa;

Badly burnt lone survivor dies;

Jonathan, forgive Boko Haram — Turai;

President yet to give ceasefire order —Army;

Evil forces trying to derail Nigeria – Jonathan;

Ekiti deputy governor dies of cancer;

Planned amnesty is wickedness — Oritsejafor;

Jumbo pay tears electoral commission apart;


Jonathan to Nigerians: Don’t be deterred;

Fed Govt, Boko Haram to resume talks;

Boko Haram amnesty act of wickedness, says Oritsejafor;

PDP crisis: Tukur begs governors;

Nigeria sliding back to era of dictatorship, says Amaechi;

12 missing after Bayelsa attack;

Ekiti deputy governor, Olayinka, dies at 52;


Turai’ Yar Adua backs amnesty for Bok Haram;

Ekiti Deputy Governor, Olayinka, dies at 52;

Gunmen kill 11, set Adamawa deputy governor’s home ablaze;

2015: Tambuwal deserves higher office—IBB;

4th Energy Group GMD Conference begins in Dubai;

THE BIG READ: Big Corporations: defiling their environment, death by instalments;


2015: Northern govs battle Sambo;

Boko Haram: Help North’s dying children, Turai tells Jonathan;

Northern govs seek expansion of Amnesty Committee;

13 policemen feared dead in Bayelsa boat attack;

Family of four perish in auto crash;

Nigeria made a big mistake not taking IMF loan – Dr Idika Kalu;



Health Policy Is in Flux, and So Are 2 Health Funds: The two largest such funds, Vanguard Health Care and T. R... http://t.co/EHkgJMV0dn


Cars vs. Emergency Funds II: A Win/Win Solution
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Playing volleyball at Muhammad University of Islam with Team Vanguard. Minister Ishmael Muhammad, Brother Daniel 12X and Brother Jason 2X are on the team. We just took the tournament. Go vanguard!


Betterment, Vanguard or savings account: Which is best for you? - Felix TV
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did some research---Monsanto, a St. Louis agricultural biotechnology and herbicide company 85%-owned by Pharmacia Corp., of Peapack, N.J.

Pharmacia Corp. is 100%-owned by Pfizer, Inc.

Pfizer, Inc.

PFIZER, the world’s biggest drug company, ranks 3rd among the world's largest market capitalizations (UDS 200 billion) and is held to 63% by major institutional investors (banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, pension funds). Because institutional investors’ asset
management focuses on risk diversification and portfolio liquidity, they individually only hold minority stakes (ie less than 5%) in PFIZER stock. Nevertheless, these shareholders put together do have a predominant weight in the company’s capital, and by their common
requirements for very high return on investment (over 20% per year), they are the vector of the financial community’s control of PFIZER .
Among top shareholders feature three global top-10 banks (BARCLAYS BANK, DEUTSCHE BANK, CITIGROUP), one French top-3 insurance company (AXA), a leading american pension fund (TIAA-CREF), and virtually all the major US mutual funds, such as
FIDELITY (the world's #1 mutual fund with approximately USD 775 billion of assets under management), VANGUARD GROUP (the #2 fund manager, claiming some USD 750 billion of assets under management), STATE STREET CORP., WELLINGTON MANAGEMENT

Besides, PFIZER top managers hold about 1% of the company capital – essentially granted in the form of stock options. The remaining 36% shares of the company are owned by a vast number of individual holders


Target Retirement Fund - Vanguard
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And then there were three. Topics : Clare council , Yarmouth International Airport , Yarmouth County Belle Hatfield
As of Monday, April 1, the Municipality of Clare will no longer be a partner in the Yarmouth International Airport Corporation. Clare gave notice last year that it wanted to opt out of its agreement. The agreement expires on Sunday March 31. Under the agreement, Clare was contributing $40,000 a year to the corporation’s reserve fund. It has contributed $160,000 in the four years it has been part of the partnership. (Clare was a late entry and participated on different terms than the three Yarmouth County units.) Under the terms of its agreement, the money it contributed was not to be spent on operations but was to be held in reserve. That’s because there was a clause written into the agreement giving Clare the option of recovering the money it had contributed if it opted out prior to the end of its agreement.
In January Clare CAO Connie Saulnier told the Vanguard that council was awaiting completion of the municipality’s economic development master plan before making a final decision on its continued participation in the airport. That development plan was approved by Clare council last Wednesday, March 20, but there was no action by council to reverse its decision on the airport, so the agreement will expire.
Saulnier told the Vanguard last Thursday that, though the agreement would expire, council had “left the door open” to reconsideration. Clare council authorized their CAO and warden Ronnie LeBlanc to meet with officials from the airport corporation and Saulnier said that meeting has taken place. Airport officials are expected to appear before Clare council at its next regular meeting in April.
Airport manager David Hill is working with board members on a presentation that he hopes will convince Clare of the business case for remaining within the inter-municipal partnership. “There are some negotiations up and coming and we hope we can persuade them to stay within the group,” he said. The corporation’s annual budget is around $1 million, funded partially through operations. Under the municipal agreement, the three original partners fund the deficit up to $300,000 annually.
The municipalities also consider additional funding requests for special projects on a case by case basis.


Research series - Influencing hedge fund investments
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Folks, for me. Nig shld not be dreaming to be the 20th world economy but the 3rd after China. Japan has nothing but is the 3rd largest economy in the world today. So. Nig that has everything should in fact be standing shoulder to shoulder with the number one economy in the world- America. For me. Nig shld be to Africa what America is to the world: strong, powerful and one of the greatest. Nig shld be world class.


Was the Enron Scandal an isolated incident?
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T. Rowe Price Municipal Bond Funds: Parking Garage
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These Mutual Funds Are Hidden Gems
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How to Easily Break Down Barriers to Better 401k Investment Choices
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What can a Roth IRA do for you? - Vanguard
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Wealth Strategies: Bond ETFs inflows strong to start 2013
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