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"Kikuyu's are thieves" this seems to be the catchy phrase by many who were either not happy with the election results and or the judgement of the Supreme court. I have Kikuyu parentage and I am not a thief and I am not alone in this bracket.

I will not deny that we have kikuyu's who are thieves, but this is also true of all 43 tribes in Kenya. No tribe, gender or religion can stand up and say - "we are free of thieves". So now that we in agreement, lets agree not to generalize or point fingers.

Lets also agree to address the problems that ail our country head on and collectively as citizens through all our elected leaders as voted by us and drawn from all 43 tribes; age, gender, religion notwithstanding.

Kenya is a great country with immense potential. However we urgently need our leaders to focus on what our forefathers fought for at independence and what we redefined as important for us as a country through our new constitution. Lets positively engage and challenge our 4th President. Lets not alienate him. After all he will be sworn in as the President and Commander in Chief of the Republic of Kenya. As citizens of this country he is our President. Like him or not. Lets give him his due Respect.

Next. Change takes time and unity of purpose. For swift progressive change we as a country need to urgently put an end to theft of public resources by those entrusted with leadership either through appointment, our electoral process or failure to act by institutions charged with the responsibility of protecting public resources.

As Kenyans we desire to see our list of successful Kenyans investing and creating opportunities or jobs that include ordinary hardworking Kenyans drawn from accross all 43 tribes occupy the space created by our government not robbed or denied by it.

The acrimony of our current list of rich or successful Kenyans is both in the net worth and the fact that nearly 95% of those on the list are retired and or existing politicians and their families or politically connected individuals, retired and or existing public servants. Need I say more....

The problem. Theft of public resources results in increased poverty, deminished opportunity, lack of basic services, increased taxes, high cost of living, increased crime, populace anger and frustrations, and a desire for unjust enrichment through ones tribe or political connection.

My Kenyan brothers and sisters unjust enrichment is a recipe for political and social upheavals. We must check it and chuck it out of our midst.

We the Kenyan voters have allowed unjust enrichment as we have failed to invest in sound leadership laced with integrity collectively. The majority of us still invest in status quo laced with propaganda rather than planned progressive national prosperity.

If we want change we must collectively define, desire and be determined to embraced it. Its our collective call.

We should not allow ourselves as Kenyans to be divided by tribalism but instead be determined to see us united by a collective desire and determination for equity and equality for all Kenyans.

Focus Kenya. Focus. We need to be united to steer the country forward. We need to grow our country through accountable leadership. Ultimately our constitution is what should drive our collective agenda not our tribes. Let us not allow the creation of divisions amongst us as a people.

Lets swallow our pride. Lets keep our eye on the ball. Lets unite for each other the way our leaders unite for themselves. Its not important for our tribe to rule, its important for our ruler to unite us as one tribe. Kenyans.


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