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Atlanta Hawks versus Boston Celtics Pick Prediction NBA Pro Basketball Odds Preview 3-8-2013
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If the national lottery are doubling the price of a lotto ticket, does that mean they will double the odds too?


Mike Nesbitt MLA, Leader Ulster Unionist Party.

“Baroness Thatcher was a colossus of conviction politics. Whilst we in the Ulster Unionist Party would not have agreed with her on everything, particularly the Anglo Irish Agreement, Northern Ireland has reason to be eternally grateful for her stance against terrorism, not least during the hunger-strikes when Northern Ireland was on the edge of something catastrophic.

Whatever you thought of her as a politician she was a remarkable public servant who stood by her beliefs and courageously fought against the odds on the National, European and World stage.”


Great day in rehab and all the glory goes to God


Brooklyn Nets versus Milwaukee Bucks Pick Prediction NBA Pro Basketball Odds Preview 12-26-2012
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Playful Romp
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W.H. Auden captured the irony of the situation and the sordid indifference of the British in his poem ‘Partition’, which is about the Radcliffe boundary commission set up to define the territorial boundaries of the two newly formed nation-states. Unbiased at least he was when he arrived on his mission, Having never set eyes on this land he was called to partition Between two peoples fanatically at odds, With their different diets and incompatible gods. ‘Time,’ they had briefed him in London, ‘is short. It’s too late For mutual reconciliation or rational debate: The only solution now lies in separation. The Viceroy thinks, as you will see from his letter, That the less you are seen in his company the better, So we have arranged to provide you with other accommodation. We can give you four judges, two Moslem and two Hindu, To consult with, but the final decision must rest with you. Shut up in a lonely mansion, with police night and day Patrolling the gardens to keep assassins away, He got down to work, to the task of settling the fate Of millions. The maps at his disposal were out of date And the Census Returns almost certainly incorrect, But there was no time to check them, no time to inspect Contested areas. The weather was frightfully hot, And a bout of dysentery kept him constantly on the trot, But in seven weeks it was done, the frontiers decided, A continent for better or worse divided. The next day he sailed for England, where he quickly forgot The case as a good lawyer must. Return he would not, Afraid, as he told his Club, that he might get shot. (Quoted in Bose and Jalal, 1998: 189)


National winning jockey suffers fall and is airlifted to hospital. Wit are the odds ehh. #sorry #pishpatter


Kate Stanis defies the odds
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Philadelphia 76ers versus Milwaukee Bucks Pick Prediction NBA Pro Basketball Odds Preview 2-13-2013
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on marie krarup and the powhiri.
the powhiri is a greeting. from a position of strength. honour and respect.
between strangers. to allow said strangers to get the measure of each other.
a simple. honest. respectful and sophisticated mode of first contact.
if one party uses this opportunity to show themselves to be ignorant. unpleasant and downright rude.
is that not a result?
marie. you were measured. and came up brutish and short.


Watch 2013 las vegas nationals - nhra 2013 qualifying - nhra las vegas - las vegas motor
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Them: "Why do you always talk bad about Jesus?"

Me: "Shut the hell up and let Jesus deal with me! The mothaf@#&$ is alive and well right. His word if a two edge sword, right? Well let that hoe respond on his own."

#Tired of debating servants... I want your "master"


New York Mets - Wiki Article
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New England Patriots versus Miami Dolphins Pick Prediction NFL Pro Football Odds Preview 12-2-2012
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2013 March Madness Betting Odds - College Basketball 28-29 Games
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My daughter was in tears last night telling me she heard people talking on the radio about the school shooting in CT. She is now worried about it happening in her school. I told her the school is doing everything it can to protect you so it will never happen. I couldn't tell her the truth. I may lose some friends over this but I don't care because this is how I feel. I wanted to tell her that this state (and a lot of others) are run by pussies who want to blame guns. Not the sick fucks who go on shooting sprees. I now more than ever want armed guards in our schools. We use them to protect the president, banks other other places but not our kids!!! Even the resort I was at had AZ state police around! How can people not see this is wrong! Getting a gun for myself is now my #1 priority. I want to get one while I still can. God help this country.


Just this evening at Bitam, the Heartland FC of Owerri, Nigeria, held their Gabonese counterparts, US Bitam, to a barren draw (0-0) to progress to the next stage of this year’s CAF Confederation Cup on 2-1 aggregate, after winning the first leg 2-1 at the Dan Anyiam Stadium, Owerri, a fortnight ago.
The Nigerian side had to surmount huge odds, including a prolonged stay in Lagos, as they battled to get past logistics problems, to make the trip to Gabon for the second leg.
However, HARD TACKLERS may want to use this opportunity to call on Governor Rochas Okorocha to wake up now and give the team the needed funds and support, so that the club would make the nation proud in this competition.


A little late for the US to realize that flaunting and taunting North Korea while training with South Korea was a bad idea.


National aside, I say the odds on my ankle collapsing in the first hour of this 3 hour training session tomorrow are abouttttt 3-1


Atlanta Falcons versus Detroit Lions Pick Prediction NFL Pro Football Odds Preview 12-22-2012
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Memphis Grizzlies versus Denver Nuggets Pick Prediction NBA Pro Basketball Odds Preview 12-14-2012
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Memphis Grizzlies versus LA Lakers Pick Prediction NBA Pro Basketball Line Odds Preview 4-5-2013
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Chicago Bulls versus Detroit Pistons Pick Prediction NBA Pro Basketball Odds Preview 12-7-2012
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#GN2013 Biggest win on the National with Betfred/Totepool punter had £250 win on Auroras Encore with tote, odds were 132/1 so won £33,250


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@AP: BREAKING: Administration official says Obama budget will call for cuts in programs such as Social Security.


Antevisão 25ª Jorn Div Honra Carlos Sousa 5-4-2013
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Golden St Warriors versus Oklahoma City Thunder Pick Prediction NBA Odds Preview 2-6-2013
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LA Clippers versus New York Knicks Pick Prediction NBA Pro Basketball Odds Preview 2-10-2013
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Iowa Hawkeyes versus Baylor Bears Pick Prediction NIT Tournament Lines Odds Preview 4-4-2013
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Well! That’s never happened before! £5 to win on Geegee’s for #National, fixed odds @100-1, just collected £505 winnings! #stunned #chuffed


Full time score: Golden Arrows 0 : 0 Kaizer Chiefs

ABSA Man of The Match: Tefu Mashamaite!

Reclaiming The Glory!


10 avril:
MUSÉE NATIONAL D’ART MODERNE MNAM Paris, ODDS AND ENDS de Jane CONGER BELSON SHIMANE un des premiers films-collages jamais réalisé


One a Majority!

One man of you shall chase a thousand: for the Lord your God, he it is that fighteth for you, as he hath promised you, (Joshua 23:10)

Why count heads? One man with God is a majority though there be a thousand on the other side. Sometimes our helpers may be too many for God to work with them, as was the case with Gideon, who could do nothing till he had increased his forces by thinning out their numbers. But the Lord's hosts are never too few. When God would found a nation, He called Abram alone and blessed him. When He would vanquish proud Pharaoh, He used no armies, but only Moses and Aaron. The "one-man ministry," as certain wise men call it, has been far more used of the Lord than trained bands with their officers. Did all the Israelites together slay so many as Samson alone? Saul and his hosts slew their thousands but David his ten thousands.

The Lord can give the enemy long odds and yet vanquish him. If we have faith, we have God with us, and what are multitudes of men? One shepherd's dog can drive before him a flock of sheep. If the Lord sent thee, O my brother, His strength will accomplish His divine purpose. Wherefore, rely on the promise, and be very courageous.

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