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Toronto Raptors versus Milwaukee Bucks Pick Prediction NBA Pro Basketball Odds Preview 3-2-2013
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AJ McCarron and Barrett Jones at odds in the BCS National Championship
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What did you learn in church today? Go...


LA Clippers versus Houston Rockets Pick Prediction NBA Pro Basketball Odds Preview 3-30-2013
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For many, September 11th will forever be a day that changed a nation, but for Sujo John, it was a day when the world was falling apart around him. Don’t miss this against-all-odds account of one man’s miraculous survival and how it put him on a path to change lives! Tomorrow on Joni Table Talk at 7:30 pm EST/8:30pm EST! http://ow.ly/i/1Qibn


Cincinnati Bengals versus San Diego Chargers Pick Prediction NFL Pro Football Odds Preview 12-2-2012
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New York Knicks versus Portland Trailblazers Pick Prediction NBA Odds Preview 3-14-2013
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Making It Against All Odds
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Watch UK & World horse racing - free LIVE streaming
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3 year old daughter picks the winner in the national ......Dad tells her to pick again as the odds are too long! #plonker


Japanese-Brazilian beats the odds to win place at university - The Japan Times http://t.co/IRb7lKSXUL mazel tov ! undefined


I never liked Thatcher, I never liked most of her Polices, But She was A Strong Woman, in her Time at Downing Street she would never give in to anyone She was A Leader Not like the Trash we have today <><><>


Charlotte Bobcats versus Miami Heat Pick Prediction NBA Pro Basketball Odds Preview 3-24-2013
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@A_Brown92 further £1 on a place at reduced odds, varying on bookies thats 1-4,5.6 in the National



- one of the smallest countries on Earth;
- with 1/1000th of world's population;
- only 60+ years old;
- under constant threat;
- and yet relative to its population, Israel is the largest immigrant absorbing nation on Earth;
- it has absorbed 350 percent of its population in 60 years;
- Israel is the only Country in history to have revived an unspoken language;
- since the founding of the State, Israel has more Nobel Prizes per capita than any other Country;
- it has more Laureates in real numbers than China, Mexico and Spain;
- Israel has the 8th longest life expectancy;
- 8.7 years longer than the United Kingdom, United States and Germany;
- Israeli films were nominated 3 years in a row by the Academy Awards - The Best Foreign Language Film;
- Israel is the only country that entered the 21st century with the net gain in its number of trees (growing);
- even more remarkable in an area that is mainly (60%) desert;
- over 93% of the Israeli homes use solar energy for (water heaters) hot water;
- the highest percentage in the world;
- Israel Scientific Research Institution (Institute of Technology) are ranked 3rd in the world;
- Israel is ranked 2nd in Space Science;
- Israel produces more Scientific papers per capita than any other Nation by a large margen;
- Israel has the 3rd highest rate of (female entrepreneurs) entrepreneurship among women in the world;
- Israel has attracted the most venture capital investment per capita in the world;
- 30 times more than Europe;
- Israel leads the world in patents (medical patents) for medical equipments;
- Israel has more NASDAQ-listed Companies than any other Country in the world, besides the US;
- more than all of Europe, India, China, and Japan conbined;
- in propportion to its population; Israel has the largest number of startup companies in the world;
- in absolute numbers, Israel has more high-tech start-ups in any other country in the world, other than U.S;
- Israel is the only Country whose indigeneous population returned to its native land after 2,000 years of forced exile;
- there is only one Jewish State - Israel.


@garabe lol how so? What odds for that lol... I nearly put my National winnings on Juve but decided against it


I am watching Fox News and they are talking about the food stamps program and this thought came to me:

mrs. obama is on this kick to make America healthier. She is telling us what we need to feed our kids and trying to tell us what we can and cannot eat ourselves. Wouldn't it have made sense for her to start with the food stamp program? A program that was started to assist those who could not meet nutritional needs of their families. A program where today you can buy sugar filled sodas, cookies, candy, and Red Bull.

If she wants us all to eat healthy, she should have started with SNAP and insisted that eligible food items for SNAP (supplemental nutrition assistance program) ONLY include fruits, vegetables, meats, cheese, eggs, bread, and milk.

It would have weeded out some of those who are abusing the system and she would have had some one's business to stick her nose into.



The American fighting spirit is unsurpassed throughout the world. Since the opening salvos at the North Bridge, we have never backed down from a fight no matter how insurmountable the odds. Not only did we defeat the most powerful army in the world to win our own freedom, but we have decimated the Armies of Aggression throughout the world to win and restore the freedoms of ALL mankind. The Patriots of the United States of America have spilled blood on foreign soil to give perfect strangers a chance to taste the freedom we live under. There is only freedom in the world because WE are free! Does anyone in their right mind think that we won't fight just as hard, on our own soil, shoulder to shoulder with our Sons and Daughters, friends and family, neighbors and co-workers, to ensure that the Republic handed to us by our Founding Fathers will not endure? I believe that the puppet masters seriously underestimate the resolve of a REAL American these days... And I pity them.


Cleveland Browns versus Oakland Raiders P NFL Pro Football Pick Prediction Odds Preview 12-2-2012
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LA Lakers versus Houston Rockets Pick Prediction NBA Pro Basketball Odds Preview 12-4-2012
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Minnesota Vikings versus Green Bay Packers Pick Prediction NFL Pro Football Odds Preview 12-2-2012
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Thunder vs. Spurs: Mark King of Hinder performs national anthem
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Michigan vs. Louisville betting odds: National Championship preview, pick http://t.co/GEQ8eGl029 undefined


I am going for record see how many times within 24 hours FB can tell me I am blocked for 2 days from sharing! This would be the 3rd time in less than 24 hours it has told me I will be blocked for 2 days! SMH! Loop-holes are lovely! #OpTruth Force#Get-EmAnon.! :D


Oklahoma City Thunder versus Dallas Mavericks Pick Prediction NBA Odds Preview 3-17-2013
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Thyroid-stimulating hormone - Wiki Article
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At the Edge of the World
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We Get drunk & high
Cuz our nation was built on lies
The Freedom to enslave people
Evils you cant disguise
Disgust in their eyes
for my kind
Droppin tears for the youth
caught behind enemy lines
Emotions rise to the occasion
Even at infinite odds


Miami Heat versus Orlando Magic Pick Prediction NBA Pro Basketball Betting Odds Preview 12-31-2012
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We lost Saitoti and Ojode in the hands of a rogue regime .They had their way for they held on power with all means possible. Sad very sad


College Basketball Betting Odds: Weekend Preview for February 2-3
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Oklahoma City Thunder versus Indiana Pacers Pick Prediction NBA Lines Odds Preview 4-5-2013
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"Choices have consequences" what happened to this common phrase during the campaighns!
"We are not pupets of the west" yes true we are not! How many sanctions have been imposed? Meanwhile OBAMA sends his congratulatory message to UHURU, calls on the duo to build on gains of the new constitution, Uhuru says US remains reliable ally. You can fool one person at a time but you cannot fool all the people all the time.... Next time they should learn to be realistic, this is a new kenya.

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