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Aneurin Bevan and the Socialist Ideal - Professor Vernon Bogdanor
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National Pub Poker League - 5 Tips To Focus On Your Game
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March is National Nutrion Month, Snack Tips Part 1
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Heart Healthy Tips for Women
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Q.1)The speed of your net access is defined in terms of ..?
B.) Kbps
C.) clock speed
D.) MHz


Tips on Capturing Motion -– National Geographic http://t.co/l3zM00YyRQ undefined


The following announcement from the Office of Career Services may be of interest to Law Society members

Have you ever dreamed of working in Washington, D.C.? This is your chance to get the inside scoop on interning in our nation’s capital. Join us for an interactive internship panel on Thursday, April 18th from 4:30-5:30pm in Olscamp 213. Via video conference, three individuals who currently work in Washington, D.C. will share their experiences and provide tips about obtaining internships in D.C. Students will also have the opportunity to ask the panelists questions. Questions? Contact the Career Center at x22356.

Panelists Include:
Mike Fulton, President of The Arnold Agency in Washington, D.C.; formerly at GolinHarris, where he utilized Congressional and federal agency meetings, grassroots campaigns, creative events, videos, survey research and media relations to enhance his lobbying activities and achieve tremendous government relations results for his clients.

Shawn Frick, ’92, Associate Vice President of the National Association of Community Health Centers; former executive director of the Ohio Association of Community Health Centers. In this role, Shawn supports Primary Care Associations (state trade associations) and Networks in implementing consistent strategies for strengthening and expanding health centers across the country and is currently focused on implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Emmanual Guillory, ’09, Senior Legislative Assistant to Congressman Joe Barton (R-TX) in the US House of Representatives. He is responsible for handling the following legislative issues: telecommunications, privacy, education, labor, social security, veterans, and issues under the jurisdiction of the House Committee on Ways and Means.


Tips and Tricks for National Corporate Teams
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I know I risk exposing my "uncoolness", but I would love if someone could explain to me the "open source" mentality. I just spent 4 days at a conference where people have spent their whole careers studying, researching, developing syllabii, books and programs, and people in the audience are photographing every screen of their presentations with Iphones & ipads. Is intellectual property a thing of the past? One panel chair announced he had a new book coming out, and that it was based largely on all the things that were taught to him by one of the other people on the panel, yet the book (he walked us through it) made no mention of the first man's influence. I am baffled.


FIFA 11 Ultimate Team - The South African National Team - Tips & Tricks - Gameplay/Commentary
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Everglades National Park - gode tips fra FDM travels USA-specialister
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Bushcraft - a lot of it
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What will you be doing on 9th April 2013???


National Novel Writing Month Tips part 3
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Mason Jar Cookie Mix Holiday Gift | At Home With P. Allen Smith
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Chris Gayle has hit more sixes, has the highest batting average, and won more Man of the Match awards than any other player who has played at least 40 IPL games. Looks like Vijay Mallya, finally, made a good investment.


Another Op Ed Article published in the Post Register this Morning. "Smelling the Roses". Dedicated to R Brian Luckau and his wife Shaleena Bruderer Luckau. I will miss so much about my dear friend. You were taken so quickly. I regret deeply the loss of Brian in this world. It is a much less cheerful, crazy and happy place. Sending love to Brian's spirit and most importantly to those who will live his legacy. We have some mighty big and yet comfortably reassuring shoes to fill folks. "Stop and Smell the Roses" Published Idaho Falls Post Register April 3, 2013 After taking some much needed time away from social media recently, I made a reluctant return to the electronic ether of the internet. Upon my return, I discovered something very startling. As I clicked away at my message notices on my profile page, I kept seeing strange hints at the absence of a name that belonged to an old friend. Digging and digging into past posts and mentioned statuses, I was slammed back into the moment and lurched into the bright Maglight of now by realizing that this friend of mine had in fact passed away. A former confidant and multiple-time partner in youthful “crime” had quickly left this world in a snap of mother natures blurry fingers. He left behind a spouse and several children. I had just had lunch with him a few months ago. We talked of spending time in warm locales and meeting his family and friends in the new place he called home. He gave me some very important tips on staying motivated and buoyed my confidence up by validating my running for office at the time. And now, here I was, lost in a moment of confounded silence. All voices, plans and desires were placed on pause. Nothing mattered in the future, plans momentarily suspended and the only thing important was that moment I was currently in. All alone with the realization that the world had just gotten a little stranger and less friendly because a dear friend was no longer around to enjoy or commune with. Now as I sit here and type this short article I have to urge those reading this to maybe try something right now. Stop! Just stop worrying about the pathways and challenges of tomorrow. Stop, for just this second, putting emphasis on what your arch nemeses alternate color political party is planning on forcing on the nation or what the end game of your work schedule should be. Sit here right now, as you are reading this and clear your mind. Now, think of one person you are thankful for in your life. Stop and think of just one individual in your world who makes life worth living and brings a smile to your face. As I truly miss my friend from New Mexico who meant so much more to me than he will probably ever know, I urge everyone who reads this to not let a minute go buy today without thinking on someone. Think right now on a person in your life who defines who you are; someone you know that makes living worthwhile. As we plan for the future whether it be a day or a decade away, don’t let an opportunity to stop and smell the roses while being grateful for the roses having been there to smell when you so desperately needed them pass you buy.


Any1 have any tips for the national?? Think a few cheeky bets on the way t work..not that i have a jar of what to do :-/

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