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Who gonna win the National Championship tonight yall ?



Ella Henderson performs "Believe" at the National Television Awards 2013 (23rd January)
the national


Is it weird if I go lay out on the national mall after this? #doingitanyway


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Tomorrow will be a very historic day,not historic because the son of Jomo will be going back to the house on the hill after 35 years wondering a way since Mzee (May his soul rest in peace) passed on,but it will be historic because Kenya will be officially joining the league of Africa's failed States,it will be historic because the Sudanese President will be having a buddy to consult on matters ICC and its avoidance thereof should need be, for he Omar El Bashir has mastered the art.The day will be historic,historic because it will be first time that the world will watch the swearing in of a president and his deputy both of whom are guest of honors of the Hague being attended with the usual African despots, with Yoweri Kaguta-he of Migingo Island fiasco leading the Que on behalf of the 52 African head of States,the day will be historic indeed.
The day will be historic in the sense that it will be the first time in Kenya that a 'duly' elected president will be sworn in with police officers spread all over the country to control some imagined tipple O's planning to cause violence,the one million dollar question is why on earth should some few imbeciles plan to disrupt the swearing in ceremony of 'a duly elected' president?-only in a banana republic.

Tomorrow will be historic for we will be confirming to the world that in Africa impunity and tribalism is inborn and it matters not,what matters is when our turn to eat it arrives-wait and see the order of activities tomorrow, apart from some few dancers from all over to give it a national face-it will be 'national' as usual.It would be history, because it will kick off the process of paying cronies in Uhuruto government, even our own state owned corporation KBC under the ministry of communication and the mainstream media who helped in keeping Kenyans in the darkness at our hour of need MUST NOW KNOW PEOPLE for they will have to rely on an exclusive rights given a private media company to air the events at Kasarani- This too is historic.
However,the most important about this day is that will be the beginning of the strange signs to come for one William Samoei Ruto,for I can bet that it wouldn't take long after this ceremony that somebody will do the Michuki on Ruto that like Moi this time the most important task was to lock out His Excellency The Prime Minister from state house-He will be reminded of the same before the year ends and he will be relegated to the periphery as the Moi's Gideon comes to the center -Did I see the son of Jomo personally taking invitation latter to his political father?,after all once the king is in power the kingmakers must be destroyed for they are always very ambitious.Michuki might have been recalled by God to rest but the students are very much a live and in fullness of time they will not hesitate rattling anyone who wants to rattle Kamwana,after all it is history as power cross river Chania back to its origin.

Happy Historic Day Kenyans,after all who told you making
history is a walk in the park!


Here are songs from the National, Selena Gomez, and someone who used to know Kim Kardashian: http://t.co/0TVqTWaf96 undefined



By Julianne McKinney, Director
Electronic Surveillance Project
Association of National Security Alumni
Silver Spring, Maryland
(301) 608-0143

The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present—and is gravely to be regarded. Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.

[8] According to a Vancouver Sun archivist, Hollywood Hospital, Ltd. (a privately-owned institution), went out of business in 1975, two years after this woman’s hospitalization and after approximately 30 years of doing business. The event coincided with findings by the U.S. Senate Church Committee concerning the CIA’s brainwashing experiments under MKULTRA. Our contact also identified the Director of Hollywood Hospital as Dr. Ross MacLean—information also confirmed by the Vancouver Sun. Nothing in these records, copies of which are being obtained, points to CIA involvement with the hospital. Perhaps a portion of history has been overlooked. Cornell Medical Center’s role in MKULTRA is a matter of public record. (See, for example, Thomas, Gordon, Journey Into Madness: The True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control and Medical Abuse, Bantam Books, New York, 1989).

[9] The Roper Organization, Unusual Personal Experiences: An Analysis of the Data from Three National Surveys, (Bigelow Holding Corp., Las Vegas, NV, 1991. Contributors lending “credibility” to this publication include John Mack and Budd Hopkins.

[10] Defense Week, October 19, 1992, Vol. 13, No. 41, pp. I and II, (“Pentagon, State [Department] Collaborate on Counterterror Gear”).

[11] Op. cit., Weinstein, pp. 140-141.

[12] The Washington Post, November 10, 1992, p. A-I (“An Unlikely Suspect for Scandal/Top N.Y. Judge Accused of Breaking Law in Secret Life”).

Can you say: Russia, KGB, (ISRAEL IDF Special-unite of terrorism), CIA!
and other hundreds and thousand of organizations (Dossimm/Chasidim-Chaba'd and their invisibles-helpers)-and more that participating in it)


A big Happy Birthday to our good buddy Sean from CVLT Nation! xxx


Tommorow is a big day for kenyans lets keep peace and lets be a working nation not a drinking nation


On The Clock: The BRAIN Initiative
the national


nobodys mentioned the fecking MILK


For newspapers, the revenue declines appear to be slowing. Yay. http://t.co/o0dTzm29dr undefined


~~Wen i was 12 i was plotin on yah watch~~


Jon Embree was named the Browns’ tight ends coach on January 24, 2013. Embree brings 21 years of coaching experience, including the last two (2011-12) as the head coach at the University of Colorado.

Embree spent 17 years at the University of Colorado as a player and coach. Prior to his stint as the Buffaloes’ head coach, he spent 11 seasons (1991, 1993-2002) as an assistant coach following a standout collegiate career, where he was a four-year letterman (1983-86). As an assistant coach, he worked in a myriad of roles, including overseeing the tight ends (1993-94, 1999-2000), defensive ends (1995-98) and wide receivers/kickers (2001-02). After serving as a volunteer assistant in 1991, Embree spent one season coaching at Douglas County High School before re-joining the Buffalos for the next 10 years.

He spent three seasons at UCLA, first as assistant head coach/wide receivers (2003) and then as assistant head coach/tight ends (2004-05). While with the Bruins, he helped shape tight end Marcedes Lewis who would win the 2005 John Mackey award, given to the nation’s top tight end. That season, Lewis set school records for a tight end with 58 receptions and 10 touchdowns en route to being selected in the first round of the NFL Draft.

Embree spent the next three seasons (2006-08) as the tight ends coach with the Kansas City Chiefs. Tony Gonzalez was selected to the Pro Bowl each season under Embree and led all NFL tight ends with 268 receptions and 3,130 receiving yards during that three-year span.

Embree spent one season (2010) coaching the tight ends with the Washington Redskins. That season, Chris Cooley finished second on the team with 77 receptions, while adding 849 yards with three touchdowns. Embree returned to Colorado as head coach following his stint in Washington.

Following his playing career with the Buffaloes, where he finished in the top five in school history in both career receptions (80) and yards (1,116), Embree was a sixth-round pick by the Los Angeles Rams in the 1987 NFL Draft. He played two seasons with the Rams before suffering a career-ending elbow injury in 1989, while with the Seattle Seahawks.

A native of Englewood, Colorado, Embree earned his degree in communications in 1987. He and his wife, Natalyn, have two sons, Taylor and Connor, and one daughter, Hannah. Jon’s father, John, played two seasons (1969-70) as a wide receiver with the Denver Broncos.

Jon Embree’s Coaching Background:

1991 University of Colorado, volunteer assistant

1992 Douglas County High School, receivers/tight ends

1993-94 University of Colorado, tight ends

1995-98 University of Colorado, defensive ends

1999-2000 University of Colorado, tight ends

2001-02 University of Colorado, wide receivers, kickers

2003 UCLA, assistant head coach/wide receivers

2004-05 UCLA, assistant head coach/tight ends

2006-08 Kansas City Chiefs, tight ends

2010 Washington Redskins, tight ends

2011-12 University of Colorado, head coach

2013- Cleveland Browns, tight ends

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