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Alabama Crimson Tide 2012-13 Season Highlights - BCS National Champs
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MegaStructures: South Pole Station | National Geographic Documentary
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Jeffrey Toobin: 2012 National Book Festival
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Margaret Thatcher is dead. Her right-wing and Capitalist policies were extremely damaging to the lives of common men and women of Britain. She joins the ranks of evil men such as Reagan and Pinochet, both of whom were responsible for the deaths of leftists. She sought to make a Nation of Capitalists, therefor her death is no loss for Socialists and advocates of social justice everywhere.
-Comandante Corella


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I ran across an article discussing the potential makeup of the Senate had the 17th Amendment never been ratified. That amendment, by the way, instituted the popular election of Senators and did away with the election of Senators by State legislatures. Why the framers would institute such a thing has been something of a puzzlement; until I bothered to read a bit.

I would encourage you to go back to the framers of the Constitution and do a little research regarding why State legislatures chose Senators and the general populace chose Representatives. It has a great deal to do with the idea of State’s rights and protecting the people from the excesses of their passions; much as we are seeing today in the blind rush to abandon the second amendment for the false promise of future safety and security. The original concept of our nation’s government was a Republic comprised of three co-equal branches of government to provide both checks and balances against the excesses of each of the other branches. The House and Senate, Executive and Judicial branches were conceived as representing the three primary interests in these United States with a neutral arbiter included. Those being the people as seen in the House, the States as seen in the Senate, the Nation as a whole as seen in the Executive branch, and the Supreme Court as the arbiter. The framers of the Constitution knew that a federal government not held in check by the people through the House and the Judiciary would result in tyranny in very short order. As well, they also understood that the excesses of passion in the people would need to be held in check by the Executive branch and the States (Senate) lest those passions result in decisions ultimately destructive to freedom and liberty. Such excesses were all too common in Europe as monarchies and other forms of government fell to “the will of the people”. The courts as neutral arbiters of contests between these varied interests would determine which path proposed by the complainants was the closest in intent and meaning to the Constitution. We would do well to listen carefully to those men as they were without a doubt considerably wiser than those who currently sit in the seats once held by men who had placed their very lives at risk to ensure the existence of this government. Now we are governed by a political class little resembling in demeanor, understanding, and passion those who first held those seats and much more resembling in both conduct and concept the Parliament whose yoke was thrown off so long ago. Our judiciary, much to its shame, has become the seat of supposedly inopposable dictates reflective not of legality and Constitutionality but of political preference and political correctness abandoning the Rule of Law to the whims of personal or political preference. We dance ever closer to the time when this government will lose its legitimacy and become destructive to the ends of Freedom and Liberty. May God Almighty forgive us we do not stand firm in the face of rising tyranny and sacrifice our children’s futures on the alters of the false gods of political expediency, political correctness, and the false promises of safety and security in exchange for hard won freedoms.


One of my friend call me and inform about possible creation of new position of AIGP in Nepal Police. Nepal Police is responsible for the security of more than 28 million people so its currrent size of 60,000 is not enough to effectively fulfill the responsibility. In order to make our country safe and secure than it is, we must extend the size of our security mechanism.However creation of positions for the shake of some Police offices should not be counted as a part of security reform effort.Security sector reform must follow the systematic process and that must be in the best interest of our Nation as well as citizens.


Election Aftermath with David Plouffe and Steve Schmidt: 2012 National Agenda
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Experts Urge Jamaica to Prepare for Big Quake
By DAVID McFADDEN | April 1, 2013

A U.S. seismic expert on Wednesday urged authorities in Jamaica to start long-term efforts to prepare for another major earthquake on the island, where the seaside capital was mostly destroyed by a big temblor just over a century ago.

It’s impossible for scientists to determine if the next big quake will hit in days or decades, but geophysics professor Eric Calais of Purdue University is urging the island’s government and various stakeholders to understand that the threat is very real based on the area’s history and active seismic activity.

Calais, visiting the island over four days as part of a mission with the United Nations Development Program, said most scientists agree that Jamaica will most likely be exposed to a quake with a magnitude of 7 or 7.5. An earthquake of magnitude 7 on the Richter scale is considered “major,” and capable of widespread, heavy damage.
Jamaica’s southern capital of Kingston was destroyed and roughly 1,000 people killed in a 6.5-magnitude quake in 1907. Researchers with the University of the West Indies have said that if Jamaica were to be hit by a quake like that one now the island could suffer a $6.5 billion loss, nearly half of the island’s gross domestic product.

“A 6.5 in the harbor by the capital could be a tremendous threat,” said Calais during a Wednesday visit to Port Royal, a town just outside of Kingston which was the island’s main city in the 17th century until an earthquake and tsunami submerged two-thirds of the settlement in 1692.

Calais’ call is especially sobering because in March 2008 he was among a group of scientists who warned officials in Haiti that their country was ripe for a major
earthquake after detecting worrisome signs of growing stresses in a fault. Two years later, that fault unleashed a 7.0 quake that devastated the Caribbean nation, with the government putting the death toll at 316,000 people.

Jamaica has a “good foundation” to tackle risks, especially when compared to nearby Haiti, he said. The island is situated along the same seismically active plate boundary as Haiti and experiences about 200 earthquakes per year, most of them small.

“But at the same time, I think it’s important to realize the foundation is not at the level that’s sufficient to face a challenge of a possible magnitude seven or seven-and-a-half,” said Calais, adding that he does not believe that the level of hazard has changed in Jamaica since the 2010 quake that leveled Port-Au-Prince.

Earthquakes typically occur along fault lines, areas where two sections of the Earth’s crust grind past each other. When decades of centuries of accumulated stress become too great at a fault boundary, the land gives way, causing a quake.

Lyndon Brown, head of Jamaica’s government-funded earthquake unit, said the island needs to pass legislation to update building codes and then enforce the law to ensure that buildings can better withstand earthquakes.

Now, squatters and developers in Jamaica too often build along unsafe gully banks, steep hillsides and embankments, even visibly eroding riverbeds.

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