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Learn about the 1940 Census at 1940census.archives.gov
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Tune news nation ... Ashok khemka...the honest man


I disagreed with Margaret Thatcher's approach to governance and policy -- but she has some of my all time favorite quotes. Here are two of her gems: "If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman" and "I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end." RIP Madame Prime Minister. Your greatest legacy is proving that a woman IS tough enough to lead a nation.


Lodging my annual complaint against the late start for the National Championship Game. #OneShiningMoment starts sometime tomorrow.


USA vs. Mexico 2013 WCQ - Game Over at Azteca (Beer Showers)
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Jockey Paul Carberry said on Twitter Chicago Grey was "too careful" over the #aintree fences. Winner is hoping to take in Scottish national


RIP Baroness Margaret "The Irony Lady" Thatcher.

After winning the Falklands War:
"We have ceased to be a nation in retreat. We have instead a newfound confidence - born in the economic battles at home and tested and found true 8,000 miles away. And so today, we can rejoice at our success in the Falklands and take pride in the achievement of the men and women of our task force. But we do so, not as some flickering of a flame which must soon be dead. No, we rejoice that Britain has rekindled that spirit which has fired her for generations past and which today has begun to burn as brightly as before. Britain found herself again in the South Atlantic and will not look back from the victory she has won."


Enjoy Spring in our National and State Parks... complete the adventure with rafting on the New River.... http://t.co/Zjndj5zaE3 undefined


Crocs are on the national flag of Hell.


Hoping to see the Cubs before the National Championship today. #cubsopeningday #uber


Tomorrow we get a new president..our prayer is that Kenya will grow stronger in all aspects and that each of us shall find Kenya as the best home..and that we shall all play our respective roles diligently to build the Kenya we want..Congratulations Uhuru Kenyatta and WILLIAM SAMOEI RUTO on your inauguration..
Congratulations Kenyans and God Bless our Beautiful Nation KENYA


2012 Darsh T. Wasan Lecture - Subra Suresh: "Challenges and Opportunities for Global Science."
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@BE_VALY Beverly you got the national geographic the bird one ??


Easter Sunday Mass - Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception 03-31-2013
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Harlem Shake (English National Ballet Style) HD **ORIGINAL**
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Markaney Katju starts propaganda against Pakistan, claiming that we are a weak and fake nation and one day will join hands with India. Press Council of India’s Chairperson Justice (Retd) Markandey Katju on Sunday said, “Pakistan is a fake country, and one day will reunite with India along with Bangladesh”.

“A fake country was created in the name of Pakistan. It is an artificially created entity by the British to make Hindus and Muslims keep fighting with each other, to stop India from becoming a powerful industrialized nation”, he said.

What Markaney Katju doesn’t knows is that fake nations don’t last this long. Regardless of all the hardships and bad leadership Pakistan has been up and running for 66 years, and will carry on to do so. We will never join hands with our bitterest enemy India. Fake is this statement by Mr. Justice, it is just a personal desire which is not well said.

Pakistan will never bow down in front of anyone, it will prosper and by the will of Allah one day it will become an industrialized nation much more powerful than India.



Nations Flag beaded in 2002 http://t.co/RMDnE0EmMd National Museum of the American Indian undefined


Join us tonight for the National Championship! Who is going to win?


Winning the grand national and passing my driving test all in the space of 3 days #teamhazza

Malik clan

I wrote this in response to the weakness our president has shown in regards to North Korea... Keep in mind even our weakest military is stronger than anyone in the world. We are keeping at bay the Afghanistan conflict with a few 10 thousand troops. This is not the problem Obama is not weak he is inept which is worse. He is intentionally dividing this country with hopes to hand us over to the world as a defeated nation on its knees. The difference between a republican as commander in chief is we can fly a military plan into the belly of communist China land it there and demand it back from them, and get it back too.


R.I.P Maggie. She destroyed militant socialism in the 70s, was instrumental in the fall of Communism supporting Gorbachev's perestroika and held Britain back from joining the disastrous Euro. I was one of the constituency workers for the party who helped get Maggie elected in 1979 and am proud to have been among her admirers. We have lost a great lady today and the whole nation should mourn her passing.


Well Viking Nation it looks as though Percy Harvin is gone, Antoine Winfield most likely heading to Seattle you as a Viking fan know there are some holes to fill. Now the biggest hole they want to plug is middle linebacker, and rumor has it they want to bring former Bear Brian Urlacher in to fill that void. How ever, Mike Singletary the linebackers coach really wants to go younger with his corp.
We know we have to get one. That’s no secret,” Vikings linebackers coach Mike Singletary said, via Ben Goessling of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “When we do, we just have to teach him as much as we can, as fast as we can. It’s going to be a lot of work.” Possibly can they grab that pick with their next pick in the first round or will they grab it later on in the second or third. They want Teo' and Ogltree and unfortunately I have those prospects gone by this time in the draft so if my mock draft holds true to course the Minnesota Vikings select with their 23rd pick in the NFL Draft....................

Kevin Minter ILB LSU


Brockstars at the National Space Centre - Ione
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TwentyFourBit: The National: Demons http://t.co/UmpsZ26fdS #axisofaudio undefined


barack is a Swahili name, has its orgin in Arabic,root word meaning blessed,his middle name Hussein , again Arabic , meaning "good" or " handsome one " barak in the scofield study Bible, meaning= thunderbolt or lighting. in the muslim koran mohammad jumped into heaven on a horse named barack. form of Hebrew name baruch. alternate spelling barrack, barak.the name Obama in the Persian language , irans language means = " he is with us" according to Islamic tradition there was the prophet mohammed's cousin & son-in-law , his name was ali ibn abi-talib , this man gave the following prophecy . at the end times,& just before the return of Mahdi, a tall black man will assume the reins of government in the west: commanding the strongest army n earth, the new ruler will carry a clear sign from the third imam whos name was Hussein lbn ali. on November 27 2008, barack Obama was asked the ? regaurding the vision for change & where it uld be. he quickly stated " I am the change, the change comes from me." the inauguration takes place on the day that is of vital importance in the world of witchcraft & occultism.astrology is the time cloc of satan & his kingdom of demons & it is imposible to practice witchcraft without it. January the 20th ,the day Obama moves into position of power,is thevery day when the sun is in aquarius,the 11th sign of the zodiac, the that would come to bring change for 1,000 years,hilter also claimed the 3rd reich would last 1,000 years.when barack went to berlin, Germany to address the german people, it is no accident, but rather by design, he sood infrnt of the monument in the center of the tiergarten & lifted his arm in a hilter - like salute. hilter had plans to declare berlin as the "capital of the world" and the spot where Obama made his speech marked the place that represented underground or clandestine world dictatorship in a new world order.berlin had anor attraction for barack, in the 1880's archaeologist found the massive altar of zeus the altar of zeus is the very seat of satan in revalation 2:12-13. barack designed a replica of this altar & seat of satan from wich he made his rousing speech launching his candidacy. in the luo language Obama means "crooked" zigzag or not in a strait line, so his intire name means "the blessing from the handsome one that is crooked"& it goes n and on.one of irans religious leaders said if Obama enters the white house,islam will conquer the heart of the American nation. GOD signled out left handed people in the Bible. GOD singled out niggers/nigers in the BIBLE in ACTS:13:1 . obamanation is in the BIBLE.i believe GOD was trying to warn us ,that would listen, we people that are in tune to his word. Strongs dictionary nigger/niger- latin orgin, meaning black man or man of color/colour.get over it.....i am not racist ,so all you people who have sent me mail saying you are un-friending me,go ahead,in the end you would not stand beside me and the truth,you are too busy being polictically corect,and calling me racist,and being ashamed of being white,obama is a low life niger/nigger.niger/nigger in the websters dictionary meaning low life , scum.i bet all you oh so much smarter people than me out there dont know that the niggers had the original meaning of the word changed back in the 60's, a preacher told me that,i guess hes racist too.I speek the truth. wake up AMERICA <><

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